Masterful Christopher Plummer isn't enough to save 'The Exception'

Jai Courtney in “The Exception.” JOHAN YOETS •

REVIEW: "The Exception" whitewashes WWII in search of true love.

Mpls. child development expert says Disney-Pixar stole her idea for 'Inside Out'

Joy in Pixar's "Inside Out."

Denise Daniels said she pitched a similar idea to the movie studio from 2005 to 2009.

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Home video: It's war out there in 'Hell in the Pacific'

The new Blu-ray of 1968's "Hell in the Pacific" finally allows fans to watch the underrated World War II gem with a seamless presentation of director John Boorman's intended ending.

Why this journalist cried through the fight scenes in 'Wonder Woman'

The film uncovered a need she had buried after so many male superhero movies.

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'Han Solo' movie turmoil: Ron Howard steps in after directors fired late in filming

Ron Howard has stepped in to direct Lucasfilm and Disney's untitled Han Solo movie, Lucasfilm announced on Thursday.

Sam Elliott truly is 'The Hero' of this drama

REVIEW: After decades in supporting turns, the veteran actor dazzles in a starring role in "The Hero."

Lawrence of Arabia's female counterpart finally gets attention in 'Letters From Baghdad'

REVIEW: "Letters From Baghdad" finally pays heed to the fascinating, adventurous, intriguing character of Gertrude Bell, the very antithesis of demure womanhood in Victorian England.

Will 'Wonder Woman' usher in a super new era for female directors?

Some film fans bemoan superhero saturation while also rightly spotlighting the lack of diversity among top-grossing Hollywood directors. What they perhaps don't appreciate, though, is…

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Pixar's 'Cars 3' sputters to what we hope is the finish line

REVIEW: There are only so many times you can watch cartoon speed competitions between talking cars with eyeball windshields before they become rather draggy.

Salma Hayek delivers laughs and a message in 'Beatriz'

REVIEW: "Beatriz at Dinner" is a comedy strewn with emotional land mines.

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Scarlett Johansson shows her comic chops in 'Rough Night'

REVIEW: This story about a disastrous bash is derivative but still enjoyable.

What do epic 'Jurassic World' and little 'Book of Henry' have in common? Their director

"Book of Henry" director embraces extremes.

Home video review: 'Rocktopia' puts on quite a show

Are you ready to rock? Are you ready to roll over Beethoven? "Rocktopia" might be just the ticket.