Top Workplaces - Career Guide 2018

CEO Janet Dryer leads second company to Top Workplaces ranking

CEO Janet Dryer, left, and Colleen Kulhanek, the marketing vice president of Perforce Software of Minneapolis.

The sales and marketing veteran also is making way for a longtime lieutenant to take over the growth company.

Empowerment, flexibility key selling points for small businesses

Object Partners employees enjoy a company-paid trip to Mexico every three years. (Provided by Object Partners)

Perks are nice, but small businesses say key selling points are empowerment, flexibility for workers.

Teamwork makes for happier employees — and a better bottom line

Teamwork is stressed at York Solutions as a business objective. Shown is the company’s break room. Provided

Midsize business leaders say fostering camaraderie and common purpose is essential to their companies' success.

Fundamentals and a sound company culture help worker recruitment, retention

DRCC’s Judy Bushnell, left, Annette Rot and Lori Dargatz participated in a United Way Chili Cookoff.

Employees at top large workplaces say they appreciate extras beyond good pay and benefits.

Credit union leader Dave Larson takes a caring approach

Large companies: Affinity Plus president and CEO Dave Larson strove to improve employee retention.

IT firm executive Chris Heim wants employees to know the score

Midsize companies: CEO Chris Heim believes in sharing information and ownership with HelpSystems employees.

CEO of small marketing agency wants to 'fearlessly unlock potential'

Small companies: Ovative Group CEO Dale Nitschke learned his energy-boosting tactics from retail.

Companies earn special awards from direction to training

These companies received top marks from their employees in these categories. The companies explain how they did it: education, curiosity, teamwork.

Culture is key to employee retention at Top Workplaces

Surveys show that company culture and employee retention go hand in hand


It’s a job-seeker’s market. Good old-fashioned strategies can help you land your dream position.

Social media is a valuable tool in the job search

Social media is a valuable tool in the job search

Popular platforms, including LinkedIn, can help you develop your career.

Career advisers say tight job market could be good time to switch companies

Now may be an opportune time to seek a promotion or to make that next career move.

With the lowest unemployment rate in the nation, now may a good time for Minnesotans to think about changing jobs.

Networking is still the ultimate job-finding strategy

The best form of networking may be informal and can resemble ordinary socializing.

Job seekers shouldn't overlook the important of networking.

How to negotiate once you've been offered the job

You finally landed that dream offer. Now let's talk about the terms.

10 reasons why recruiters aren't reading your résumé

Don’t just list job responsibilities on your resume. Use numbers and show results.

A professional résumé writer breaks down what you may be doing wrong.