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Reporter | U.S. District Court and federal agencies

Stephen Montemayor covers the U.S. Attorney's Office, the U.S. District Court in Minnesota and federal agencies including the FBI, DEA, ATF and Homeland Security for the Star Tribune.

New federal Drug Enforcement Administration division pairs Minnesota with Great Plains states

Meth trafficking is among the leading targets of new five-state federal office.

FBI's Minneapolis office plans diversity recruitment push

The FBI's Diversity Agent Recruitment initiative will come to Minneapolis for the first time this year on Aug. 2.

Murder conspiracy challenged in appeals by 3 Twin Cities men convicted in ISIS plot

Scores of supporters watched oral arguments in St. Paul on Thursday.

Willmar man indicted after raid unearthed arsenal

The indictment says authorities seized 10 machine guns, silencers and pipe bombs, and that Chad Lee Monson talked of bombing homes of a judge and two attorneys.

Minn. once again has a presidentially appointed U.S. attorney

Filling Andrew Luger's long-vacant post, she returns to familiar office.

Affidavit reveals Twin Cities man's aborted try to join ISIS last year

The Spring Lake Park 19-year-old spent three months abroad before coming home in 2017 due to a lack of funds.

Appeals court to take up case of 3 Twin Cities men sentenced to decades in prison for ISIS recruitment plot

3 Twin Cities men are now in prison for conspiring to support terrorist group.

Senate confirms Dakota County judge as Minnesota's new U.S. attorney

President Trump nominated Erica MacDonald to replace Andrew Luger last month.

Rhoda R. Gilman, historian and Green Party activist, dies at 91

She was tasked with helping refresh Minnesota's history curriculum for schoolchildren in the 1980s.

Rochester meth boss kept trafficking even after arrest

Marco Avila's meth empire didn't crumble when he was caught more than two years ago in South Dakota with a drug load destined for Minnesota.