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“SNL” began the first episode after its holiday hiatus with a few big cameos.

The show’s cold open started as a send-up of the MSNBC politics show “Morning Joe,” featuring Alex Moffat and Kate McKinnon as married hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. After the pair had an awkward, sexually charged conversation, they brought on their guest: the author of the Trump presidency tell-all book, “Fire and Fury,” Michael Wolff — played by Fred Armisen.

Armisen’s Wolff explained that the weirdest thing he saw in the White House was Trump’s “baby races,” in which he bet on the speed with which babies could cross his office.

Joe and Mika interviewed Wolff by bringing up the issues of his credibility, and the fact that some of the book has been called into question by the White House.

“Even the stuff that’s not true — it’s true,” Armisen’s Wolff said.

To discuss some of the quotes in the book, the hosts brought on their next guest: Steve Bannon, who figures heavily in the book.

When he first appeared, Bannon was dressed as the Grim Reaper, the way “SNL” has depicted for the last two seasons. But then Bannon pulled off the hood, revealing that “SNL” alumnus Bill Murray was playing the former presidential adviser and Breitbart editor.

The hosts asked Bannon about what he’s doing now that he’s been ousted from the White House and fired from Breitbart.

“I’m working on an web series for Crackle,” Murray’s Bannon said. “It’s called ‘Cucks in Cars Getting Coffee.’ I’m also coming out with a new line of wrinkled bar jackets calls ‘Frumpers for Guys.’ Springtime, skin care line: ‘Bloch.'”

“Steve, do you think they will ever let you back into politics?” Moffat’s Scarborough asked.

“Yes, and on the Cannon’s terms, too, as a king maker,” Bannon replied. “I convinced this country to elect Donald, and I can do it again. Already auditioning candidates, got some prospects. Logan Paul. Martin Shkreli. The subway guy, Jared Fogle. He’s back. He’s electable. It’s time for America to slide down the Bannon-ster.”

Next, “The Morning Joe” brought on Oprah Winfrey — played by Leslie Jones — to discuss the possibility of her running for president.

“Well, I am a celebrity, so I’m qualified,” Jones’ Winfrey replied. “But I’m different from Donald Trump because I’m actually a billionaire. So who knows? I mean, there is only one job in the world more powerful than being president.”

“What’s that?” Brzezinski asked.

“Being Oprah!” Jones replied.

You can watch the entire sketch here: