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Congress should defend investment in diplomacy

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, in Washington last week. President Trump’s budget proposal calls for a 28 percent cut to the State Department.

Slashing State Department, USAID are the wrong response to global crises.

Transit funding fight puts all of Minnesota at economic risk

A rendering of a Southwest light-rail train passing through the lakes area of Minneapolis.

"Win-lose" is a flawed strategy for Greater Minnesota and Twin Cities.

Touring the coral reefs

See more Sack cartoons

Nation needs the truth on Russian election meddling

As list of links to Trump campaign grows, independent probe is needed.

Health care setback shouldn't be an excuse to walk away from reform

The Republican bill did not merit passage, but the challenge remains.

Insurers are in driver's seat on state health 'reinsurance'

We're seeing a pricey Band-Aid for the state's health market.

Jamar Clark protest ended well despite miscues by city, police

Hodges, Harteau have work to do, but Minneapolis avoided "violent riots."

Minnesota is a great choice for Expo 2023

The state has much to offer the Bureau of International Expositions.

After despicable vandalism, Delano rejects racism

Hopefully vigil will help ease the pain of victimized family.

Comey delivers a chilling take on Russian meddling, Trump's disinformation

Testimony by FBI director, others, point to an urgent need for independent probe.

Dayton, GOP are far apart on budget proposals

Their visions are starkly different, and it's hard to envision compromise.

Beware of Trump budget side effects: Treatment setbacks, loss of well-paying research jobs

Trump budget takes reckless aim at the National Institutes of Health.

U expedition reveals climate challenge

Innovative approach shows the institution's relevance.

Minnesota should brace for federal cuts

Legislators should follow Dayton's lead in preparing for a Trump storm.

Luger resignation, rash policymaking threaten Minnesota progress on countering extremism

Rash policymaking in D.C. threatens hard-won local progress on countering extremism.

Minnesota lawmakers should not approve proposals that would weaken gun control rules.

Minnesota doesn't need weaker gun control rules.

U.S.-Germany alliance essential

Trump-Merkel meeting should reflect enduring transatlantic ties.

Why state courts seek more funds

A tight labor market affects government too.