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U.S. Bank Stadium's governing board cleans up its act

Adopting code of ethics, redefining role of MSFA chair make sense.

Parade organizers should take no pride in decision to ban police

Officers from Minneapolis and St. Paul led the Twin Cities Pride parade down Hennepin Avenue in 2015. This year, organizers asked officers not to march in the parade in the wake of the not-guilty verdict in the trial of officer Jeronimo Yanez in the fatal shooting of Philando Castile.

The hurt over the Yanez decision is understandable, but this won't help.


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A strategic plan is needed for higher education in Minnesota

With talent shortage worsening, standing pat won't do.

Speed, secrecy raise legitimate doubts about GOP health reform

Patients, providers need time to absorb and weigh in on Senate's plan.

A nonviolent response to the controversial Philando Castile verdict

Credit protesters, law enforcement and public officials.

Trump's Cuba retreat hurts U.S. and Minnesota

A return to the failed policies of the past will not bring change in Cuba.

Minnesota-made health solutions needed as federal government creates leadership vacuum

Minnesota legislators need to keep moving forward post-session to make medical care affordable.

In Minneapolis, businesses are at a tipping point

Election-year politics have spurred wrongheaded business mandates.

A welcome rebound for Minnesota exports

First quarterly jump since late 2014 shows the power of open markets.

Veto dispute leads to a credit warning for Minnesota

More reason to quickly resolve the latest Dayton-Legislature fight.

Hoping for a peaceful response to Yanez verdict

Issues of race and policing linger after jury finds officer not guilty.

Metro Transit finds firmer financial footing — for now

Threats to the service's operations and future plans persist.

A loathsome ambush at a baseball diamond

The best response to Virginia shooting is to show national resolve.

GOP senators from Midwest shouldn't aid in gutting Medicaid

Where do senators from Dakotas, Iowa and Wisconsin stand on cuts?

No raise for Minnesota's poorest families — again

MFIP's puny grants undermine its policy intentions.

Minnesota's shaky state budget needs strengthening

The problem goes beyond a tax bill that's too big.

Stop the move to return diplomatic compounds to the Russians

There's evidence Moscow used the facilities for intelligence-gathering.