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After attack, Minnesotans should rally behind Somali neighbors

Somali women reacted at the scene of Saturday’s powerful bomb blast in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Truck bombing in Mogadishu shattered the peace here, too.

Twin Cities GED campaign is worthy effort to address disparities

Summit Academy OIC has a “1,000 GED Campaign” that has already raised more than $2 million toward a goal of $5 million to provide 1,000 low-income Minnesotans with education and job training.

Expanded education, jobs training can improve lives and the economy.

Drunken driving

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Hennepin County took a gamble on Target Field, and it paid off

Ballpark sparked development, and debt will be paid ahead of schedule.

Take the keys away from chronic DWI offenders — permanently

Minnesotans should back legislation to crack down on drunken driving.

There's a trade-off if state workers are denied pay raises

Amid wave of retirements, keeping skilled workforce will be difficult.

Trump's newest health reform based on wishful thinking, not reality

It likely would worsen the individual insurance market's troubles.

Scuttling the Iran deal would be counterproductive

Congress must act if Trump declines to certify multinational pact.

Despite their crimes, too many Minnesota cops are still on the job

Star Tribune series revealed the need for stronger licensing standards.

Of course Minneapolis needs its police force

Talk about a future city without cops is ill-timed and ill-advised.

Court decision on Minnesota's sex offender program shouldn't end reform efforts

Lifetime confinement isn't financially sustainable or morally defensible.

Despite years of costly effort, Minnesota River remains threatened

Cleanup hasn't kept pace with increasing erosion and runoff, study says.

Trump's threats undercut diplomatic efforts to avoid war with North Korea

Meanwhile, it's reassuring to know Tillerson is in touch with Pyongyang.

Congress: Get to work and ban bump stocks

Designed to mimic machine guns, devices should be regulated.

The Minnesota Lynx are No. 1 — again

With fourth title, WNBA team deserves recognition as a true dynasty.

It's your turn to choose an editorial topic

We received more than 30 responses when we asked readers to submit questions about public safety in downtown Minneapolis following a special report by the Editorial Board (http://strib.mn/2yvs0RA) Vote on your favorite of these four, and the board will address the top choice in an upcoming editorial.

Increased competition can lead to improved traditional public schools in Minnesota

Declining enrollment presents challenges — and opportunities.

Follow Minnesota's lead with reinsurance to stabilize health care premiums

A program championed by GOP legislators is keeping prices down.