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Seeking peace in Minnesota's war over early education

A legislative compromise should involve both money and policy.

Trump's management by crisis creates needless instability


Switch from top-down mode is hard, but he must make transition.

Minnesota Republican transit budget

See more Sack cartoons

Medical providers need to take leadership role in U.S. health reform debate

They need to be loud and strong on plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Macron gives France a sensible alternative

Le Pen threatens a unified Europe while offering extremist approach.

Edina is on a smart track to raise smoking age to 21

Smoking is a habit that takes root during adolescence. Let's snuff it out.

Don't play legislative games with state bonding bill

Public infrastructure projects deserve Legislature's attention this year.

Franken bill would help get Minnesotans the skills, education needed for jobs that need filling.

Matching the right skills training, education with employment needs.

With focus on journalism, Hubbards have been major U supporters

Decision to add family name to school recognizes their contributions.

Trump wisely moves to reform H-1B visa program

U.S. workers deserve first consideration for well-paying jobs.

Stop the madness of distracted driving on Minnesota roads

State should join 14 others by banning the use of cellphones while driving.

Now police can help and not just write a ticket

Vouchers for car light repairs are a creative solution to a nagging problem.

Strategy, patience needed in face of threat posed by North Korea

Diplomacy is key to developing regional cohesion on a growing problem.

Quit dodging and release your tax returns, Mr. President

With tax reform looming, Americans deserve details on Trump's finances.

Dayton, Legislature need to find a solution for state's parks and trails

Modest increases in fees and state funding would help solve dilemma.

New superintendent is a good fit to lead St. Paul schools

Joe Gothard's skills as unifying force should help in tackling big challenges.

How to handle Minnesota's $1.65 billion surplus

Caution: That amount doesn't make Minnesota cash-rich. Here's the Editorial Board's "slow, steady" approach to the state budget.

After flexing muscle, U.S. needs diplomacy on multiple fronts

Trump's policy reversals can be head-spinning, but some, like on NATO, are needed.