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Reward, don't punish, Minnesota health care innovation


Trump administration could undercut next-generation MinnesotaCare program.

With new chief in place in Minneapolis, there's a new opportunity for police reform

Acting Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo smiled as he was applauded after the City Council approved his appointment to be the permanent chief on Friday.

Medaria Arradondo must build on reforms launched by his predecessor.

Terror attacks in Spain should be met with a global response

Trump should help lead international efforts to thwart terrorism.

Trump's reckless threat on Venezuela

President's talk of a 'military option' erodes regional unity.

3M CEO takes moral high ground while Trump equivocates

The nation needed the president to clearly rebuke white supremacists.

State help is needed to repair and maintain Minnesota city streets

Tired of waiting for LGA boost, Duluth considers a sales tax boost.

Effective policing helps keep schools safer in Minneapolis and St. Paul

School resources officers have won the support of those who matter most.

Efforts to combat extremism must not falter after top federal official resigns

The private sector should help fill void if Trump administration doesn't.

In Virginia, the ugly terror of white supremacism

The horrific images of a car plowing into a group of counterprotesters Saturday in Charlottesville, Va., will be viewed by millions of Americans in the…

The world is warming 'from the top of the atmosphere to the depths of the oceans'

A new report makes clear that humans are adversely altering the climate.

Trump should strengthen Medicaid if he's serious about opioids

Trump took a welcome step this week, but he overlooked program's value.

Transparency needed on Harteau's severance deal with Minneapolis

Taxpayers deserve to know how much police leadership transition costs.

Minnesota Capitol will reopen with a bash

A celebration befitting an icon's return is on tap this weekend.

Trump should curb reckless rhetoric on North Korea

Bellicosity undercuts efforts to internationalize growing nuclear threat.

Trump's ill-timed plan to restrict immigration would hurt Minnesota

For state to stay prosperous, growing worker shortage must be addressed.

Mosque bombing was the act of a coward

All Minnesotans who value tolerance and inclusiveness were attacked.

Plan for St. Paul Ford site zoning plan merits support

The city has a unique chance to create an urban village in Highland Park.