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Biggest jump: Packers No. 23 to No. 17 • Biggest fall: Jets No. 18 to No. 25

1. Patriots, 7-2 (Last week: 1): They haven’t lost since Oct. 1. I think I know how this movie ends.

2. Eagles, 8-1 (2): Coming off a bye and heading for Big D to face a Cowboys team missing its engine.

3. Rams, 7-2 (3): Lost in the shadows of Sean McVay’s offense is Wade Phillips’ defense.

4. Steelers, 7-2 (4): It wasn’t pretty, but escaping with a win at Indy is a sign of an experienced team getting the job done.

5. Vikings, 7-2 (5): The offensive line might be the most improved of any position group in the NFL.

6. Saints, 7-2 (8): New Orleans might dispute that previous statement and nominate its defense. And its running game.

7. Chiefs, 6-3 (7): Time for the Chiefs to start winning again. Who better to play than the Giants, eh?

8. Panthers, 7-3 (9): Cam and that defense are playing like it’s 2015.

9. Jaguars, 6-3 (10): What a weird win against the Chargers. Even weirder? A Jaguars three-game winning streak.

10. Seahawks, 6-3 (12): Unfortunately, the Legion of Boom era is over as Richard Sherman becomes latest big-name casualty.

11. Titans, 6-3 (14): Ranked 21 two weeks ago, this team just keeps chugging along quietly.

12. Falcons, 5-4 (16): Falcons win at Dallas. With an assist from Roger Goodell.

13. Cowboys, 5-4 (6): No one can catch Ezekiel Elliott from behind. Except Goodell. ‘Boys are in big trouble with Philly visiting.

14. Lions, 5-4 (15): Could be heading for a three-game winning streak thanks to the Packers, Browns and Bears. Oh, my.

15. Redskins, 4-5 (11): Perhaps Josh Norman would have talked trash to Thielen & Diggs. But he never caught up to them.

16. Bills, 5-4 (13): Glad I wrote about Buffalo’s great defense before it gave up 298 yards rushing to the Saints.

17. Packers, 5-4 (23): There is a pulse in Green Bay, after all. Either that or John Fox’s Bears career no longer has a pulse.

18. Ravens, 4-5 (19): Trip to Green Bay after a bye week. If you have any clue how this will turn out, let me know.

19. Raiders, 4-5 (20): The Las Vegas Raiders, who play in Oakland, are traveling to Mexico City. For a home game.

20. Bears, 3-6 (17): Upon further review, Fox never should have asked for further review.

21. Chargers, 3-6 (22): This might be the most competitive bad team the league has seen in a while.

22. Cardinals, 4-5 (21): Poor, Adrian. In a month, he has gone from Drew Brees to Drew Stanton to possibly Blaine Gabbert.

23. Colts, 3-7 (25): They still have some fight. They led Pittsburgh by 14 in the second half.

24. Buccaneers, 3-6 (29): Ryan Fitzpatrick completed 50 percent of his passes for 187 yards. And still beat his former team, the Jets.

25. Jets, 4-6 (18): Maybe the Jets really were who we thought they were.

26. Dolphins, 4-5 (24): How in the world did this team win four games?

27. Bengals, 3-6 (27): Cincinnati extends streak of player ejections to two games. At least they lead the league in something.

28. Texans, 3-6 (26): No offense in the first half coupled with no defense in the second made for a long Sunday in L.A.

29. 49ers, 1-9 (31): Don’t get too excited, guys. You beat the Giants.

30. Broncos, 3-5 (28): Just when you knew it was going to get worse, it did when the Patriots visited.

31. Giants, 1-8 (31): It looks like some defenders are choosing not to risk having to rehab any injuries this offseason.

32. Browns, 0-9 (32): At this point, let’s hope time doesn’t expire when they’re on the clock with the No. 1 pick.