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Columnist, reporter | Business

"St. Anthony's work has spanned corporate takeovers to financial markets to small businesses, and the emergence of women, immigrants and minorities in business, as well as energy-and-environmental matters. A native of Minneapolis who first joined the Star Tribune in 1981, St. Anthony holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in business. He also has worked for two publicly held companies, including former regional securities firm Dain Rauscher (1997-98). St. Anthony, married and the father of two children, has been a volunteer with the Minneapolis parks, several schools, the YMCA, and other nonprofit organizations. He often writes at the intersection of business, government and community issues.

Minneapolis-based Quinn Violins strikes chord with guitar section

Chris Quinn needed to expand or he knew he would see his business wilt.

Business warming to greener economy that combats climate change

The trends in corporate America, and the environmental movement, are too strong to bend to current anti-environment rhetoric.

North side teens dream big with sweet Green Garden expansion

Green Garden grows vegetables in its community garden, bakes them into healthy vegetable-based desserts for every diet, and markets them using sustainable practices.

Veteran Minnesota startup-competition manager became a struggling, joyous entrepreneur

Melissa Kjolsing Lynch, 33, who earned a University of Minnesota MBA while she worked for the affiliated MN Cup, is confident enough in the future of her four-person company to quit a couple part-time gigs to go all in on Recovree.

Former Sun Country owner learned a lesson: 'Don't fly under the radar'

Former Sun Country Chairman Marty Davis was humbled and enriched over seven years of ownership that ended earlier this year. Brothers Marty and Mitch Davis,…

Church Mutual Insurance overcomes decline of mainstream churches

With 1,350 U.S. employees, including 750 in Merrill and a growing contingent in Minnesota, Church Mutual has proved adaptable to changing times.

Agricultural drone-and-data firm Sentera raises $14 million in venture funding

Sentera, the agricultural drone and data-analysis software company, said Wednesday that it raised $14 million in institutional funding, following $8.5 million raised in 2016, mostly…

'Great people who have made mistakes': More Minn. businesses hiring ex-offenders

In a tight labor market, employers are willing to expand talent pool.

Former inmate Davis Powell surviving, thriving as entrepreneur

Employers, who long shunned hiring former inmates, are reconsidering in a worker-hungry economy.

Not enough progress on getting 5-year-olds ready for kindergarten

At least 40 percent of Minnesota kids still are not ready for kindergarten.