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Neal St. Anthony has been a business columnist and reporter for the Star Tribune for 30 years. He also has worked in financial communications for two publicly held companies.

Wabash National injects new life into Little Falls' shuttered boat factory

Indiana-based Wabash National has acquired for $3 million the just-shuttered Larson Boat plant, a nearly century-old business in the central Minnesota town.

Elizabeth Lilly opens her own investment shop in St. Paul

Investment manager Elizabeth "Beth" Lilly has never been shy about making a call.

Brooklyn Park-based Mocon sold to larger Ametek

The sale of the 54-year-old firm further erodes the ranks of Minnesota's public companies.

St. Paul entrepreneur is no fan of border tax

Devee McNally, the founder in 1990 of St. Paul's MadeSmart, regrets that vote last November for President Donald Trump.

Retired Toro boss credits the worker-owners with much of company's success

Mike Hoffman, who retired Nov. 1 as chief executive of Toro Co., began at the company as an equipment-service representative in 1977.

Open Arms, recovered from financial trauma, grows as meal provider

Open Arms, the Minneapolis nonprofit business that prepares thousands of meals weekly for the elderly and people with chronic diseases, has recovered from a six-figure financial fraud perpetrated by a former kitchen manager five years ago.

Minnesota small food companies growing in an otherwise stagnant grocery industry

Dozens of these companies have sprung up in homes and kitchen incubators around the Twin Cities in recent years. Not all make it.

Jim Doyle was writing a business book, then tragedy struck

Doyle started a couple of years ago to write a book drawing on 40 years of experience as an employee and consultant about how to be an engaged, motivated employee and how to deal with the almost-inevitable between-job transitions.

How TheDataBank avoided a race to the bottom

CEO Chris Hanson and Mark Paquette, the chief technology officer of TheDataBank, never planned to get rich when they formed a software firm 20 years…

Time to move ahead with need-based preschool plan

The Minnesota Legislature should, after a decade of study and promising results, finally move to fully fund the high-quality day care and preschool that will…