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Mila Koumpilova writes about immigration and Minnesota's immigrant communities. During more than a decade of reporting, she has been an education, general assignment and features reporter. A former North Dakota Rookie Reporter of the Year, she has received recognition from the national Education Writers Association, the Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists and others. Contact Mila securely using PGP: 65DB DD53 2C22 7850 466C CA32 4BF4 9B08 B9E7 EA6F

Minnesota anticipates major drop-off in refugee arrivals

Trump administration restrictions could affect Minnesota more than other states because it's traditionally one of the country's key resettlement destinations.

Plane carrying deportees to Somalia returns to the United States

There were at least four people from Minnesota on the flight.

Canada's immigration minister warns against illegal crossings at Minnesota's northern border

Ahmed Hussen was himself an immigrant from Somalia.

Deportations, arrests are up in Minnesota and nearby states

New arrest and deportation priorities make just about any immigrant in the country illegally fair game.

John Richter, entrepreneur, advocate for airport noise reduction and bike lanes, dies at 94

For years, John Richter was the epitome of an engaged citizen in Minneapolis — a rabble-rouser, networker and fundraiser extraordinaire who poured his energy and money into a slew of causes over decades of tenacious advocacy.

Minnesota employers of skilled immigrant workers say Trump aims to shame, not reform

Critics say Trump administration is shaming employers, not reforming immigration system.

Mexican Consulate responds to new immigration climate

Mexico launches $50 million program to help its citizens in Minnesota and elsewhere.

Anxiety grows among Liberians, others with temporary status

The Trump administration is about to decide whether to continue a program called temporary protected status for several Central American countries and a similar program for Liberia.

Rattled by Rohingya crisis in Myanmar, Karen refugees from Minnesota rally in D.C.

Diana Moo joined hundreds of Minnesota’s Karen residents who descended on the U.S. Capitol on Monday, urging a tougher stance toward their home country of…

American Indian Movement founder Dennis Banks dies at 80

Dennis Banks, one of the country's most influential American Indian activists, was a key figure in the 1970s standoff with federal agents at Wounded Knee.…