Katie Humphrey | Star Tribune
Team leader | Minneapolis/St. Paul

After growing up in rural Minnesota, Humphrey graduated from Northwestern University and worked at the Austin American-Statesman in Austin, Texas, where she covered crime/courts and city hall. She joined the Star Tribune as a Dakota County reporter and later wrote about technology and social media. Humphrey enjoys traveling in her free time.

Fans leave flowers, touch Prince's star on First Avenue's wall

Officials shared memories of the music legend.

Family mourns 'very special' boy killed while trick-or-treating

Vigil planned for 5-year-old boy who was hit by car while trick-or-treating in Minneapolis.

Day trip: Hopkins serves up history hip in the 'burbs

Suburbs get snubbed a lot — Pleasantvilles with no culture, no history, no nightlife. Not true in Hopkins. If there is a recipe for what's trendy in big-city neighborhoods, Hopkins already has all the ingredients.

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Families share holiday rituals by video chat

For millions of people whose families are scattered across the country, almost any digital screen can become a window into a holiday celebration via Skype, Google Hangouts or Apple's FaceTime.

Online ads follow you wherever you go

Remember that time you shopped for a necklace online, and then jewelry ads followed you everywhere you went — from your Facebook page to news sites? You're not imagining it: You're being tracked. Here's how.

Targeted online ads: Creepy or convenient?

Privacy concerns arise as online ads follow consumers as they search the Internet.