Jim Spencer | Star Tribune
Washington Correspondent

Washington correspondent Jim Spencer examines the impact of federal politics and policy on Minnesota businesses, especially the medical technology, food distribution, farming, manufacturing, retail and health insurance industries.  

Previously, he worked as an enterprise reporter in Minneapolis, writing on topics including Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, lake pollution caused by residential development, unintentional shootings of children, suicide among senior citizens, and budget cuts to homebound care for the disabled.

Minnesota farmers see relief in China's suspension of tariffs

Minn. soybean growers hope the market remains open for their fall harvest.

Lori Swanson, 3M square off over PFAS at U.S. House hearing

The hearing comes as the House considers dozens of bills to limit the "forever" chemicals.

Skilled labor remains big issue for Minnesota employers

Roughly 92% of private Minnesota employers in a recent poll reported difficulty filling some or all salaried and hourly craft positions. The figure was well above the national average of 80%.

Get out of China? Minnesota companies aren't keen on idea

Trump's words have left Minnesota firms guessing.

Documents show 3M knew of dangers of PFAS chemicals, activist group says

Firm said released documents show incomplete, misleading history of its action on PFAS.

Rep. Omar denies affair claim in D.C. doctor's divorce filing

It's the latest in a long string of controversies facing the former one-term state legislator who catapulted to the national political spotlight.

Trade war has already added 5% to typical U.S. shopping basket

Minnesota retailers say they are worried that tariff-driven price increases "will boomerang back" in the form of lost customers.

Retired Teamsters wait for Congress to act on wobbly pension fund

The U.S. House passed a bill to prop up the failing fund. Now it's in the Senate's hands.

12,000 could lose food stamps if federal rules are tightened

The USDA proposal was inspired by a Minnesota man with more than $1 million in real estate and assets who gamed the system.

Rep. Ilhan Omar, 3 allies decry Trump attacks as racist, divisive

Trump on Monday renewed his assault on Omar during a formal presentation before dozens of business owners gathered on the South Lawn to celebrate American entrepreneurship.