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Jim Spencer works in the Star Tribune's Washington, D.C., bureau. He covers the intersection of Minnesota businesses and industry with national politics, legislation and regulation. Spencer has more than three decades' experience as a news reporter, columnist, feature writer and sports writer.

Millions in Minnesota sales tax on the line as Supreme Court hears case

Minnesotans who've avoided paying state sales taxes on online and other kinds of remote purchases could soon see those taxes added to their bills, depending on how the U.S. Supreme Court rules in a widely watched case that will be argued this week.

Former Best Buy CEO Brad Anderson resigns from boards of General Mills, MPR

It came less than a week after a public records watchdog group revealed that he had contributed $25,000 in 2016 to a group that mounted an anti-Muslim social media campaign.

Ex-Best Buy CEO donated to group that ran anti-Muslim ads

Brad Anderson says he didn't know Secure America Now was involved in the ads. His $25,000 donation was meant as support for Israel, he says.

Minnesota has millions at stake as China targets soybean exports

Minnesota is the nation's third largest producer of soybeans. The crop accounts for 30 percent of the state's agricultural exports. The state shipped more than $2 billion worth of soybeans abroad in 2016. More than half went to China.

Minnesota firms keep their cool about fallout from tariff battle

Companies are withholding judgment until they see how the dispute plays out. But pork, corn, soybeans and other meats and commodities in Minnesota's critical agricultural sector could soon be harder to sell abroad.

China's volley in trade war may first hit hog farmers in Minnesota, Midwest

China's retaliatory moves to penalize pork, ethanol will have outsized impact in the state.

Trump punishes China on trade; Minn. firms worry about fallout

Minnesota-based businesses worry over cost increases for consumers.

Sen. Tina Smith weighs in on efforts to fix multi-employer pensions

The Minnesota Democrat is part of a Senate effort to try to save hundreds of thousands of retired U.S. workers from catastrophic cuts in income.

Minnesota manufacturers, farmers brace for tariff fallout

Trump's tariffs take effect in less than two weeks, and farmers have no quick fixes.

Minnesotans in Congress, industry have strong reaction to Trump's tariffs

The breath of President Donald Trump’s plan to put tariffs on steel and aluminum has been a problem for some Republicans in Congress, including GOP…