Jessie Van Berkel | Star Tribune
Reporter | St. Paul

Jessie Van Berkel writes about the city of St. Paul. A Minnesota native and University of Minnesota graduate, she returned to her home state after covering local government in Florida for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune and public safety at the Post-Crescent in Appleton, Wis.

House bills would increase penalty for attacking an officer, prevent police disarmament

Lawmakers want to prevent cities from disarming officers.

Gov. Dayton signs compromise giving $10 million to fix vehicle registration system

State's vehicle registration system still won't be fully functional even with fix.

Minnesota legislators rekindle fireworks debate

Minnesotans now just head to other states to buy the big ones, some say.

Groups spend $74M to lobby policymakers and the Public Utilities Commission

Business interests and the teachers union also spent a lot to influence officials.

Senate approves $10 million for MNLARS, but cash will go fast

Bills to fix vehicle licensing system are now headed to conference committee.

Dayton spending plan aims for tax relief for many Minnesotans

It would reverse some of the tax cuts legislators added last year, while retooling state tax code after federal changes.

Minnesota could get another Real ID extension

Dayton says Homeland Security may be flexible.

Repeat drunk drivers would lose Minnesota license under new bill

Proposal under consideration at Capitol would let offenders petition court after 10 years to restore their license.

Dayton wraps up final State of State with a focus on finances

He also called for more state spending on education, public works infrastructure and school safety, saying he wants to leave the state in better financial condition than he found in 2011.

GOP proposes work requirement for Minnesotans getting medical assistance

Medical Assistance recipients who are not working, job hunting or volunteering could lose their benefits under a measure Minnesota legislators proposed Monday.Republicans in the House…