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Jeremy Olson's coverage has taken him from a medical helicopter as it lifted a sick baby out of Sleepy Eye, to an operating room in St. Paul where doctors raced to treat a heart attack, to a living room in Minneapolis where an old man died on his own terms. He seeks to demystify the delivery, politics and business of health care in an era in which consumers are expected to make more of their own medical decisions. The University of St. Thomas graduate has been a reporter since 1995 and earned the Pulitzer Prize for Local Reporting (2013), the Frank Premack Public Affairs Journalism Award (2009), and the Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism (2005).

Fairview hospital at U sued over alleged sexual assault of disabled teen

Lawsuit claims disabled minor was sexually assaulted twice in 30 minutes by an adult patient.

Rare heart valve procedure at Abbott saves mother and baby

The transaortic valve replacement (TAVR) bought the 28-year-old mom time, and a successful pregnancy, until open heart surgery is needed.

State Fair sunscreen experiment reveals people don't slather on enough

U researchers found most people didn't slather up enough for full coverage.

Minnesotans with preexisting conditions fret over GOP health bill

Minnesotans with preexisting conditions worry that health insurance will soon be priced beyond reach.

Mpls. VA researchers explore electrical current to treat dangerous impulses

The tests of low-level electrical brain stimulation aim to reduce problem for some soldiers who struggle with tame civilian life after the chaos and trauma of war.

Northern Minnesota campaign reduces fish-related mercury consumption

Elevated levels in babies led to changes in eating habits on the North Shore.

Using new questions, U clinics probe for domestic partner violence

The University of Minnesota is studying a more deliberate approach to identify patients who might be hesitant or afraid to admit to abuse.

Mpls. VA study finds opioids no better for chronic pain than other meds

Patients with chronic pain fared no better with the potentially addictive painkillers than they did with non-opioid meds.

Mayo looks to shake up cancer care with single test to find multiple types

Simple blood draw could allow screening for a dozen types of the disease.

Costly to cure, hepatitis C on the rise in Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Health identified 51 new hepatitis C infections last year, the highest annual number since at least 1998.