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Jeremy Olson's coverage has taken him from a medical helicopter as it lifted a sick baby out of Sleepy Eye, to an operating room in St. Paul where doctors raced to treat a heart attack, to a living room in Minneapolis where an old man died on his own terms. He seeks to demystify the delivery, politics and business of health care in an era in which consumers are expected to make more of their own medical decisions. The University of St. Thomas graduate has been a reporter since 1995 and earned the Pulitzer Prize for Local Reporting (2013), the Frank Premack Public Affairs Journalism Award (2009), and the Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism (2005).

Minn. hospital finds success in opioid fight with focus on mothers

The successful Sanford Bemidji Medical Center program soothing both mother and infant also offers a blueprint for others in the state.

How to survive a 250-day flight to Mars? Mayo tests an answer

Considering that astronauts on a mission to Mars will face almost a year of confinement, stress and boredom, an extra bag of peanuts isn't likely to cut it.

Good Friday abortion vigil matched with counterprotest

Abortions opponents marched in a vigil outside Planned Parenthood in St. Paul while supporters chanted for the organization's future and imperiled federal funding.

In battle against opioids, Minnesota leaders promote wider use of naloxone

Health officials want people to buy the medication and learn how to use it in an emergency.

HealthPartners' CV Wizard program casts heart health advice, not spells

The Bloomington-based health care provider has received a $3 million federal grant through its research institute to expand access to the program.

Minneapolis heart attack study finds surprising trend among victims

A look back at 1,000 heart attack victims found that many were not taking statins, lending support to updated guidelines.

Custody dispute preceded fatal shootings of three in St. Paul

A family member said the 20-year-old man suspected of killing her family members was involved in an intense custody dispute with one of the slain young women over a little girl.

Breast-feeding may not raise child's IQ, but it still has other benefits

When the impact of breast-feeding on a child's long-term cognitive gains was still an open scientific question, the absence of knowledge was sort of a…

Union lawsuit contests layoffs at Hennepin County Medical Center

Workers presented a petition to HCMC's chief executive Wednesday afternoon, but were escorted out by security after the leader discovered their meeting was appearing live on Facebook.

Obituary: Clayton Sonmore, 92, owned Becky's Cafeteria

The engineer-turned-restaurateur bought Becky's in 1949 with his wife, Jeanne, and turned it into what AAA called "the most unique cafeteria in the nation" until its closure in 1986.