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Deadline looms for Congress to reauthorize insurance program for low-income kids

Federal lawmakers have until the end of September to renew funds for the CHIP program.

Minnesota state Sen. Richard Cohen joins mass exodus from presidential arts council over Charlottesville

The President's Committee on Arts and Humanities resigned to protest Trump's response to Charlottesville

Minnesotans in Congress react to latest Trump comments on Charlottesville

A handful of Minnesota’s members of Congress, including several DFLers and one Republican, tweeted in response to President Trump’s comments on Tuesday suggesting that counter-protesters…

Minnesota Voters Alliance plans to file suit to get access to voter registration data

Among other things, the group wants to examine names, addresses and voting history in search of fraudulent votes that may have been cast.

Senate signs off on legislation to fight scammers who target the elderly

The Seniors Fraud Prevention Act, which passed unanimously, strengthens the federal reporting system for fraud complaints and requires the FTC to monitor fraud schemes targeting seniors.

Minn. lawmakers go to bat for Canadians making solar panels on Iron Range

A simmering trade battle could endanger a solar-panel plant in Mountain Iron, Minn., in a region eager for jobs other than the boom-or-bust work in the taconite mines.

Minnesota's Lori Swanson joins 18 attorneys general in asking Congress to block transgender troop ban

The proposal would violate American values, as well as the Constitution and would harm transgender residents in their states as well, the officials wrote.

McCain's heads-up to Klobuchar: 'I'm voting no'

The Republican senator tipped off Amy Klobuchar before casting his vote against 'skinny' Obamacare repeal.

National group sets up shop in Minnesota to support Paulsen

The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF), a deep-pocketed national super PAC, gets a jump on the fierce campaign battle for the seat 15 months before the election.

Trade watchers wary as Minnesota politicians support steel tariffs

A tariff on imported steel that President Donald Trump says will shore up the sagging U.S. steel industry enjoys growing political popularity in Minnesota, even as those who specialize in trade policy warn that it could injure other critical parts of the state's economy.