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Jennifer Brooks is a columnist for the Star Tribune. She travels across Minnesota, writing thoughtful and surprising stories about the state's residents and issues.

Previously as a Star Tribune reporter, Brooks covered the State Capitol and the Minnesota congressional delegation in Washington.

Brooks: Scaring immigrants away from the table this Thanksgiving

“Mami! Mami!” the little girl calls out when her mother returns home with bags of fresh fruit and vegetables, milk and yogurt. “You filled up…

Brooks: Hennepin County tries to ease the stress of stressful jobs

Hennepin County's $1.4 million HealthWorks program aims to save taxpayers money in the long run by easing stress, illness and burnout.

Brooks: 100 years after the guns fell silent on the Western Front, Minnesota remembers

About 118,500 Minnesotans served in World War I and 3,607 of them died, and this year, like every year, Minnesota remembers.

Brooks: It's time to move on from campaigning to conversation

  Our government is divided and our electorate is divided and the 2018 attack ads and robocalls are still ringing in our ears. Good people…

Brooks: Minnesota voters the best in the country? Don't let us down

Every ballots is a little miracle, an act of faith and hope, a show of strength and duty by citizens.

Jennifer Brooks: It's time to repair a broken world

It could break your heart, if it hasn't already. This random, repetitive cruelty.

Brooks: Minnesotans mobilize to find the homeless and listen to their stories

Every three years, Minnesotans spend one long day finding and talking with thousands of their unsheltered neighbors.

Brooks: Musical military experience taking a toll on Minnesota veteran

There's no reason to wait until Nov. 11 to remember that millions of U.S. veterans could use our help.

Through St. Thomas project, law students seek mercy for the guilty

Erin was seven months pregnant when they locked her away. Her daughter turns 5 next month, and there’s a third-year law student from the University…

Brooks: Karin Housley blew a chance when Facebook hot take re-emerged

We're three weeks from Election Day and Minnesota is running on outrage.