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Jennifer Brooks is a columnist for the Star Tribune. She travels across Minnesota, writing thoughtful and surprising stories about the state's residents and issues.

Previously as a Star Tribune reporter, Brooks covered the State Capitol and the Minnesota congressional delegation in Washington.

Brooks: Freedoms Foundation votes to send Medal of Honor back to Minnesota

Maj. Henry Courtney Jr.'s Medal of Honor is coming home to Duluth after long years in storage in a Pennsylvania vault.

Brooks: Fighting for health care in a system that doesn't care

Every American knows the only thing worse than our health coverage is losing our health coverage.

Brooks: Superintendents break into song to break the news of another snow day

School leaders make the best call they can. And if they can, they turn the call into performance art.

Brooks: Blackface left a stain in Minnesota yearbooks, too

We were so cruel. We had no idea how cruel, which is why this keeps happening.

Brooks: Minnesota finds picking out state symbols unbearable

Slapfights seem to break out at the Capitol every time Minnesota tries to pick an official state thing.

Brooks: Minnesota's CBD business is booming in a legal gray area

CBD doesn't fall on anyone's desk, and the tiny Board of Pharmacy couldn't crack down, even if it wanted to.

Brooks: Minnesota's weather watchers embrace their temp gig

The worse the weather, the happier they are.

January: Minn. family pleads with foundation to return uncle's Medal of Honor

Maj. Henry A. Courtney's Medal of Honor is locked away in a vault in Pennsylvania.

Brooks: Hope draws hundreds of Minnesotans to TSA's mid-shutdown job fair

  In the middle of a government shutdown, an agency that hadn’t cut a paycheck in four weeks held a job fair. Not the greatest…

Brooks: As bills pile up, furloughed workers suffer in the shadows

The parents of a newborn are spending the first weeks of 2019 in the neonatal intensive care unit watching over their son, while the medical bills pile up and no paychecks arrive.