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As a Star Tribune reporter, Jennifer Brooks covered the Capitol and the Minnesota congressional delegation in Washington, and she has traveled across Minnesota writing thoughtful, surprising stories about the people and issues of the state.

Brooks: A hometown newspaper writes its own obituary and a second act

It may be difficult for the community to miss its paper if it doesn't really feel like it's gone.

Brooks: Analyzing Tim Pawlenty's three-peat defeat

As far as the national political analysts were concerned, the campaign postmortem was complete: Trump Train.

Brooks: A tale of 2 splinters (and one $751 medical bill)

This is a story of bloodshed and cupcakes and our stupid-expensive health care system.

Brooks: Farmfest, pol magnet and a prime chance to chat with a farmer

– The first day of Farmfest, Minnesota’s sprawling agricultural trade show and irresistible political magnet, kicked off with one clear winner —…

Brooks: Macalester athletes want to give new meaning to 'locker-room talk'

Ethan Levin, a sophomore defensive lineman, will return to St. Paul Central, his old high school, with his new teammates and a message.

Leech Lake students walk halls of new school they've waited decades for

Of the 183 schools in the Bureau of Indian Education system, few were in worse shape than Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig school in Bena.

Brooks: Grinding your teeth in 35W gridlock? Pity the business owners

It's going to be sweet when it's complete. But now? It feels exactly like getting sucked into a taffy puller.

Brooks: After a decade of tending to Minneapolis' homeless, volunteer steps down at 87

The people Jerry Fleischaker worked with, and the people he worked for, gathered to thank the man who turned volunteer work into a vocation.

Brooks: Funding for family planning under fire

Nothing about public health or family planning seems to be bipartisan these days.

Brooks: Family shattered by high-speed police chase onto playground tries to rebuild

The Peltiers' new normal is surgery and therapy and medical bills on top of medical bills.