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Interactive Data Journalist | Metro

A Minneapolis native, Hargarten graduated in 2014 from the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication with a professional journalism degree. As a student reporter at the Star Tribune, he previously covered public health. His past experience includes work for MinnPost, Pioneer Press, News21 and Minnesota Daily.

A deeper look at Minneapolis crime rates

Data show an overall decrease in Minneapolis crime, but also reveal recent upticks in rates for various violent crimes.

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Precinct-level maps show in greater detail how Minnesota voted in this year's primaries.

5 takeaways from 2018 Minnesota primary precinct-by-precinct race maps

In the governor's race, DFLer Tim Walz dominated the southern half of the state and Jeff Johnson of the GOP did well in exurban areas.

As emerald ash borer spreads, cities can't plant trees fast enough

St. Paul and Minneapolis have lost tens of thousands of ash trees, and the urban canopy won't be restored for decades.

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This year's big races are drawing relatively high numbers of contenders compared to other recent elections.

Minnesota youth could affect key November elections — if they turn out

Minnesota ranks high on a 2018 ranking of states where young voters' participation could have the greatest significance, despite traditionally low youth turnout.

Minneapolis police shootings since 2000: A deeper look at who and where

Do areas with more crime see more fatal police encounters? Not necessarily.

Fatal police encounters in Minnesota since 2000

More than 160 people have died in forceful encounters with law enforcement in Minnesota since 2000.

2017's most popular baby names: How popular is yours?

Whether you favor perennial favorites or trendier names, see how popular they've been in 2017 -- and in all the years going back to 1910.

Use-of-force police incidents show 10-year decline in Mpls.

Some say stats don't tell full story of encounters.