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Judge laments $15M in legal fees in Twin Cities archdiocese bankruptcy

The victims, not lawyers, should benefit, Judge Robert Kressel said, adding "it bothers me so much."

DeYoung is new CEO of Minnesota Church Council

Interfaith social justice leader to replace the Rev. Peg Chemberlin.

Chemberlin retires as MN Council of Churches CEO

The Rev. Peg Chemberlin led Minnesota Council of Churches for more than two decades.

Bible apps with 'the most sought-after content in the world' grow in popularity

No one is predicting the demise of the Good Book. But the Greatest Story Ever Told is increasingly being spiced up with photos, video, 3-D graphics, maps and social media shares.

Suit: Crookston bishop threatened to retaliate against abuse victim

Lawsuit accuses Crookston bishop of threatening alleged abuse victim and failing to report abuse.

Mount Zion celebrates 160 years of Jewish life in Minnesota

Members of Mount Zion temple celebrated a historic anniversary Sunday for Minnesota's Jewish community — the 1856 founding of Mount Zion as the state's first Jewish congregation. Born before Minnesota was a state, Mount Zion put Minnesota on the map for the early waves of Jewish immigrants to the Midwest and laid the foundation for a community of about 45,000 today.

Minn. church leaders wary of Trump's order blurring line with politics

The order allows religious leaders to endorse and campaign for political candidates without risking their tax-exempt status. But many leaders say it opens the door to more.

Churches trade old names for new and younger members

Rebranding, long a strategy in the business world, is taking off in congregations hoping to attract newcomers, update their images and shed any negative perceptions of their denominations.

Minn. 'Eco-Palm' project sends nearly 1 million palms to churches

It started as a Palm Sunday experiment. A Minnesota forestry professor tested the idea of offering environmentally friendly palms to churches to protect the forests in Central America and to support the palm laborers' communities.

Peter Laird, Archbishop Nienstedt's former top deputy, leaves priesthood

Laird, who resigned post in 2013 as clergy abuse controversy exploded, had urged Archbishop Nienstedt to resign.