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Patrick Coolican began his career by starting a website and following the 2000 presidential campaign. Before coming to the Star Tribune, he was a longtime reporter in Las Vegas.

Commerce Commissioner Rothman resigns to run for attorney general

Dayton appointed Jessica Looman, deputy labor commissioner, to take over.

Gov. Dayton calls for task force to address senior care abuses

Gov. Mark Dayton said Wednesday he would create a task force to deal with abuses in senior homes revealed in a Star Tribune series this week. "The senior care failures are really appalling," he said.

Lawyer for lobbyist warns Rep. Tony Cornish to preserve documents

A letter to the legislator from an accuser's lawyer suggests a lawsuit may be coming.

Sex harassment allegations are challenging State Capitol culture

Those who regularly pass through the Capitol share stories of a proverbial small world that can enable untoward behavior.

Ex-GOP Speaker Zellers says he warned Cornish

"I believe he should resign" and apologize, says the former GOP House speaker.

Lawmaker, lobbyist accuse Rep. Cornish of sexual harassment

Late Thursday, House Speaker Kurt Daudt suspended Sen. Tony Cornish's chairmanship and called for a human resources investigation of the allegations, which Cornish denies.

Dayton calls on state Sen. Schoen to resign over harassment reports

Amid allegations against Sen. Dan Schoen, a DFL state representative says sexual harassment is "bigger than one senator" at Capitol.

Why national Republicans covet Minnesota

The RNC is investing money here designed to help congressional Republicans as they fight for every last seat to maintain their House majority.

For Gov. Mark Dayton, policy and politics aligned on PolyMet

In supporting PolyMet mining project, Dayton courts onetime DFL stronghold.

Minnesota House Republicans confident going into 2018

There's a wild card: What if a bunch of Republicans retire?