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J. Patrick Coolican is a Star Tribune political reporter who began his career by starting a website and following the 2000 presidential campaign. He's been a journalist in seven different states, and in 2013-14 was a Knight Wallace Fellow at the University of Michigan.

Coolican is married to Star Tribune visual journalist Leila Navidi, and they have a son named Liam. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, where he studied philosophy and literature. He has been to nearly 50 Phish concerts, and welcomes your critical disapproval.

Loss in court slices millions from Minnesota state budget

The state of Minnesota is potentially out more than $130 million this budget cycle after losing a court battle that will greatly limit the state's ability to collect taxes on trust accounts in other states.

Minnesota Film and TV board makes changes in wake of Jimmy Fallon controversy

Productions around special events no longer eligible for subsidies.

DFL politics shaped by Minnesota's Fortune 500 culture

The role of the big corporate sector in DFL politics — and vice versa — is an interesting phenomenon of both political and business life here.

Attorney General Keith Ellison's office sued over Bloomberg-related hiring

Ellison says the case is without merit

State senators demand answers after weeks of problems at DHS

Former medical director said the agency was making too many decisions without doctor input.

Walz names Lutheran Social Service president to head DHS

Monday's announcement ends a period of turmoil in the top ranks of the agency, which serves more than 1 million Minnesotans with the help of roughly 7,300 workers.

'They seem like no-bid contracts': DFLers expose policy rift over state job-training funds

Direct funding of nonprofits calls DEED's opportunity-gap results into question.

Republicans again hopeful in the Seventh, but Collin Peterson won't be easy to vanquish

The trend line doesn't look good for the sometimes cantankerous but often amusing chairman of the House Agriculture Committee.

Walz's inaugural committee took in big money from corporations, unions

More than $700,000 poured in from unions and corporate donors.

Burnout threatens the quality of politics nationally and in Minnesota

It's not clear what the solution is.