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Columnist | Outdoors

Anderson has been the Star Tribune outdoors columnist since 1993. Before that, for 13 years, he wrote the outdoors column for the St. Paul Pioneer Press. He covers hunting, fishing, camping, boating, paddling and other outdoor activities, as well as natural resource conservation.

Anderson: Know the correct way to hold big fish for those photo ops

Big fish — those larger than about 2 pounds — should always be held horizontally. This is especially true for sturgeon and muskies, as well as large northern pike.

Anderson: Political assault on state's natural resources demands a united response

A rethinking of conservation and especially conservation politics is necessary if Minnesota 20 years and more from now is going to retain a semblance of the pristine lakes, rivers, woods and prairies that historically have made it a great place to live.

Anderson: A stop for bait in Cook, Minn., yields much more

Cook, Minn., proprietor is a man of stories, interests.

A return to border hot spot for the fishing opener is a success

On the border between Minnesota and Ontario, the walleye were knocking. And then some.

Anderson: A peek inside my tackle box

Jigs, Lindy rigs, beads and spinners are all in there, each designed to put a minnow in front of a walleye.

Anderson: Plentiful bait, but shiner minnows might be scarce for opener

In some cases, zebra mussels have infested lakes where shiner minnows are traditionally harvested, closing those waters to minnow catching.

Anderson: Separating fact from fiction about Minnesota's buffer law

Misinformation is rife about the state's buffer law, passed two years ago to clean up lakes and rivers, which requires farmers and other landowners to be in compliance with the statute by November.

Anderson: State Sen. Ruud champions outdoors — and its consumers

Sen. Carrie Ruud, a Republican, believes in raising the price of fishing and deer-hunting licenses. That puts her at odds during this legislative session with some members of her party.

Anderson: On Northfield farm, couple cultivates a habitat habit

A Northfield couple has transformed the family farm into a showcase of wildlife conservation

Steelhead working their way back to North Shore

It's in April that steelhead, or migratory rainbow trout, travel upstream sometimes 20 miles or more in search of narrow waterways and hospitable conditions for spawning.