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Columnist | Outdoors

Anderson has been the Star Tribune outdoors columnist since 1993. Before that, for 13 years, he wrote the outdoors column for the St. Paul Pioneer Press. He covers hunting, fishing, camping, boating, paddling and other outdoor activities, as well as natural resource conservation.

Anderson: Banking big on wetlands

Just as large as the need for runoff areas are financial incentives for worthy projects

Anderson: Snow has created challenges for some of Minnesota's wildlife

Finding food, nesting among the concerns for pheasants, deer, woodcock.

Anderson: Study of ducks' seasonal migrations to resume this summer

Researchers to keep studying mallards' annual migrations, which aren't always driven by weather

Anderson: Reference to northeast moose management is dubious in Minnesota's deer plan

Hanging in the balance is the integrity of the draft deer plan.

DNR plan calls for smaller deer harvest than what hunters' group seeks

Over the past 16 months, the DNR has met with a 19-member stakeholder group to develop the state's first-ever deer management plan following complaints about poor oversight by the agency.

Anderson: Federal project leader sees work as 'the front lines of protection' for wetlands, waterfowl

Set of Waterfowl Production Areas provides useful feedback.

Anderson: Cold truth about the coming fish opener? Have augers ready

We've seen this kind of spring, and it could mean iced lakes Up North.

Anderson: My stance on farm tiling issue generated strong response

Column decrying effects of farm practice yielded strong, diverse response.

Anderson: 10 years on, state's habitat grants program quietly makes progress.

Habitat program came in with 2008 amendment.

Anderson: Unregulated farm tiling puts state's waters at risk

Minnesota might win a Super Bowl next year or the next. Other good things surely will occur as well. But unless this problem is fixed, the state's natural resources are doomed.