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Columnist | Outdoors

Anderson has been the Star Tribune outdoors columnist since 1993. Before that, for 13 years, he wrote the outdoors column for the St. Paul Pioneer Press. He covers hunting, fishing, camping, boating, paddling and other outdoor activities, as well as natural resource conservation.

Anderson: Let's remember that mining and Ely have a long, tangled history

Early job Up North introduced the depth of the long-standing drama.

Anderson: Will millennials step up as hunting and angling continue decline?

Many millennials aren't hunters and anglers like their forebears — and that spells trouble.

Anderson: Tawney is the face of young, passionate conservation group

Land Tawney's Montana group is creative in its approach but no less dedicated to protecting land

Anderson: Minnesotan bores deeper into market with his electric drill auger

While many Minnesotans were huddled inside their homes over the holidays, hiding from subzero temperatures, ice fishing guru Steve Baumann had a crew on a frozen Twin Cities lake.

Anderson: For now, ice fishing mostly on foot

Conditions vary, but good ice has been late to form on area lakes

Anderson: Northern wilderness traveler's journals are window into another world

Compiled in a new book, one man's meticulous journals into border country are a rich snapshot of early adventure.

Ruffed grouse need snow for warmth, protection

To avoid presenting themselves as easy pickings for predators, ruffed grouse burrow into snow — when it's available — and disappear. This also allows grouse to "thermo-regulate,'' or stay warm.

Anderson: Narrow scope helps hunters keep fruitful bird fields intact

By hunting small flocks and bringing less noise, fruitful bird fields remain so

Anderson: Hunting maybe be first love, but horse riding is current one for Minnesotan

Minnesota woman balances wide range of outdoors pursuits.

Anderson: Take it from an expert, 'No fish is worth dying for'

Jim Staricha gives survival advice to anglers and others unfortunate enough to break through winter ice.