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Former Starkey CFO takes the stand in embezzlement trial against former executives

Scott Nelson says a key business setup in the case originally was suggested to save owner Bill Austin money.

Starkey Labs owner tells federal court of his high-flying life

Bill Austin told of his transformation from modest businessman to billionaire, jetting around the world to help the hearing-impaired poor, and having a mystical experience in Mexico when he says an angel spoke through him.

Starkey's Bill Austin questioned about key company documents

Austin said defendants hid papers from him.

From rockets to nuclear plants, PaR Systems a maverick in robotics field

The Shoreview company has built machines to make rockets and help clean up the worst nuclear disasters.

Starkey owner testifies he never approved actions by former executives

Austin said he felt betrayed by the company's former president now on trial for embezzlement.

Starkey judge says defense attorneys will be able to question Austin on personal matters

Defendants get a tactical win as Austin's character will become a matter for jurors to consider.

Uponor joint venture produces device to let you know if there is a leak in your pipes

A new device warns homeowners of a water problem — from a faucet drip to a frozen pipe — and it can automatically shut service off to help prevent huge and costly damage.

Midwest manufacturing grows in January but at slower rate than December

Minnesota growth a bit slower than the region, but it is still strong.

Need help navigating the skyways? There's an app for that

Honeywell has developed an app called Minneapolis Skyway Maps to help Super Bowl LII visitors.

Electrolux to close St. Cloud Frigidaire plant at end of 2019

Move is part of a consolidation of company's U.S. operations.