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Reporter | Hennepin County Courts

Chao Xiong is the Hennepin County Courts reporter for the Star Tribune. He previously worked as a Ramsey County, state and Minneapolis general assignment reporter.

Xiong is a native of Des Moines, Iowa. He graduated from the University of Iowa, where he worked on the college paper, The Daily Iowan, for four years.

Use-of-force expert: No force, not even Taser, justified in Noor's fatal encounter with Damond

Witnesses said Justine Damond was shot because of bad decisions; defense questions their credentials.

Noor trial: BCA agent is pressed on his probe into sounds before Damond was shot

The prosecution aggressively questioned the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension about its inquiry into Justine Damond's killing.

Noor trial testimony: No fingerprints on squad belonged to Damond

A fingerprint specialist testified that none of the 51 prints belonged to Justine Ruszczyk Damond. But she said that doesn't necessarily eliminate the possibility Damond slapped the vehicle.

Noor trial reveals deep fracture between Mpls. police, County Attorney's Office

Experienced attorneys say they have never seen such deep conflict between a law enforcement agency and prosecutor revealed in a Minnesota courtroom.

Noor's former partner testifies he feared for life when silhouette appeared

Asked if the use of deadly force would've been premature, officer Matthew Harrity responded yes.

Noor jury sees teen's 29-second video of shooting's aftermath

The teenager recorded a 29-second clip of the immediate aftermath of the shooting.

Prosecutors assail fired Mpls. officer's supervisor for procedural missteps, secrecy

Questions of secrecy continue in Mohamed Noor's murder trial

Prosecutors in Noor case query officers about turning off body cams

Sgt. Jarrod Kunze took the stand Monday afternoon as Noor's murder trial entered its third week.

Noor trial unfolding amid debate over 'blue wall of silence'

Prosecution's witnesses include officers whose credibility they question.

Noor trial: Supervisor testifies fear of ambush was on officers' minds

After several incidents across the country, officers were on high alert, he said.