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C.J. is a columnist in the Star Tribune's Twin Cities section. Her column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

C.J.: Newly elected Hennepin County Sheriff Hutch might be too beautiful for a goatee

If experience is any guide, new Hennepin County Sheriff Dave Hutchinson’s honeymoon period can’t last forever, but right now, everyone appears to be getting…

C.J.: MCN6 has Valentine's Day plans for viewers; by the way, do you have any game show ideas?

Cable’s newly rebranded MCN6 has planned four hours of special Valentine’s Day movie-watching. What formerly was known at Metro Cable Network is becoming Minnesota’s Community…

C.J.: People of all races are moved to tears at two sacred new Alabama memorials

A powerful reckoning has been taking place at two new sites in Montgomery, Ala. Since April 2018, the Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for…

C.J.: Founder of Alabama's lynching memorial remains hopeful U.S. will do better

A barbaric form of American racial terrorism from another era — lynching — was in the news twice this week. Presidential crony Roger Stone

C.J.: Fancy Ray McCloney was not first 'Fancy' in family according to mom

Fancy Ray McCloney was such a self-sufficient toddler that he potty-trained himself. That’s the most unfathomable morsel I gleaned from his mom,

C.J.: Comedian Jeff Gerbino not amused by Louis C.K.'s behavior

"I don't know how he can walk out to an audience with women in it."

C.J.: Former TV anchor Cory Hepola already feels at home on the radio

"It was a great first day," said the Minnesota native, who succeeded John Hines in the 9 a.m. slot.

C.J.: Jill Mikelson is showcasing Janis Joplin's raw, gritty emotionalism at First Avenue

"I think this show, for me, is probably the thing I wanted the most; to share Janis and to share myself."

C.J.: George Foreman's first wife was very happy with her heavyweight despite Ali's jabs

Believe it or not, former heavyweight champ George Foreman didn’t always want offspring named after him. According to his first wife, Adrienne Foreman…

C.J.: Why is musician Mark Arneson encouraging Fancy Ray to rap outside his shower?

Musician and teacher Mark Arneson plays every instrument and sings all the vocals on his upcoming and as yet untitled CD. “Hopefully [I’ll] get…