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C.J. is a columnist in the Star Tribune's Twin Cities section. Her column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

C.J.: Jokes take shape when comedian/magician David Harris takes stage with contortionist Cheryl Birch

As soon as I downloaded the video of the comedian/magician and the contortionist, it was obvious that she should’ve been standing on a chair.

C.J.: Kim Insley has shed no tears since being dropped after 24 years by KARE 11

“Mornings were such a fun day part,” said Kim Insley, the former KARE 11 “Sunrise” anchor who was dropped by the station in…

C.J.: The Blenders will harmonize at "Holiday Soul Tour" at Pantages Theatre

Tim Kasper, the Florida member of Minnesota’s Blenders, plans to get back into the local mix again by buying another place here. “I haven’t…

C.J.: Actor found way to win over producer who harassed him

With a little psychology, actor Adam Ambruso survived being sexually harassed by a male Hollywood producer.

C.J.: Comedians mine their memories for Minjares/Pepitos fundraiser

Louie Anderson is apparently saving his funny Joe Minjares story for the Nov. 25 comedy benefit to raise money for Minjares’ medical expenses.…

C.J.: A 10-year-old's upcoming art show mixes Legos and fashion

The 10-year-old St. Paul boy makes bow ties with Legos.

C.J.: Patrick Fabian says Howard's duds suit him well on "Better Call Saul"

Patrick Fabian plays someone a lot less in control in "Driver X" than Howard Hamlin, the "Better Call Saul" character who inspires strangers to…

C.J.: Variety's Elizabeth Wagmeister also serves up the dish on "Page Six TV"

Variety reporter Elizabeth Wagmeister has the kind of pleasant delivery that must make it easier for an interview subject to entertain tough questions.…

C.J.: 'Blood Stripe' film a family affair for Remy Auberjonois

There was room to add the talents of René Auberjonois, Remy's father.

C.J.: Chris Shaw, Fancy Ray get serious about raising money for Lone Survivor Foundation

The self-proclaimed “Best Lookin’ Man in Comedy” and a comic “rat” from the Adam’s Pest Control commercials were repeatedly upstaged by an accidental audience. I…