Brandon Stahl | Star Tribune

Brandon Stahl is the federal courts and agencies reporter for the Star Tribune. He previously covered Hennepin county courts and was an investigative reporter at the paper, writing extensively about criminal justice, police and child protection. You can reach Stahl on Signal: 612-467-9841.

In more than a dozen years as a journalist, Stahl's stories on medical malpractice, nursing care failures, child protection and law enforcement handling of sex crimes has resulted in numerous calls for reform and changes in state laws, as well as state and national journalism awards.

Minn. lawmakers introduce bill to address failings in sex assault investigations

Bipartisan legislation would require all of Minnesota's law enforcement departments to follow best practices.

Minnesota congressional members reintroduce sexual assault bill named for U student

Two Minnesota congressional members this week are reintroducing bipartisan sexual assault legislation named after a former University of Minnesota student-turned-activist whose rape case brought national…

Jake Patterson: Suspected killer, kidnapper's life remains a mystery

Jake Patterson had no criminal record or social media footprint.

Shutdown could hit Minn. advocacy groups for victims of abuse, sexual assault

Victims of domestic abuse or sexual assault could face a loss of services.

Minnesota judge: Refugee held for 18 months not a threat, must be released

No terror threat has been proved, federal ruling says.

When rape is reported and something happens

As dozens more women have stepped forward to tell their stories, reforms are underway in Minnesota. Victim advocates and rape survivors say they are heartened by the pledges of reform by police leaders, prosecutors and lawmakers.

New rules for Minnesota police on rape calls

Law enforcement officers responding to sexual assaults in Minnesota would be expected to follow strict new protocols — including the best ways to gather evidence and interview victims — under a draft policy prepared for the state's police licensing board.

Hennepin County's 'restorative court' to help people charged with minor crimes

Hennepin County expands homeless court to wider range of defendants, low-level crimes.

Despite ACA ruling, nothing changes for Minnesota

With the ruling likely to be appealed, it will likely take months for it to go through the court process.

A better way to investigate rape

Utah's shift is a promising sign of how a state can do more to help rape victims get the justice that so often eludes them — if everyone involved is working with the same priorities.