Baseball project

Smaller crowds, longer games, not enough action on the field: This series looks at what baseball needs to do to regain and sustain its popularity in the future -- as well as problems facing the sport in the moment.

Show stopper: Baseball analytics make it a whole new game

Twins manager Paul Molitor pondered his lineup during a game this month. Managers and other team personnel are loaded with statistical information.

First in a three-part series: Analytics are redefining baseball strategy as never before, becoming both a tool and a threat.

Baseball fans turning gray while millennials tuning out

Part 2 in a three-part series looking at the state of Major League Baseball.

Second in a three-part series: Baseball's summer monopoly ended long ago. If it expects to thrive, it must keep courting youth and convincing them the sport is great entertainment.

Inside the numbers: America's pastime

A closer look inside the numbers of baseball's new analytical ways.

Baseball in 2028: Here's what MLB could look like in 10 years

Besides an electronic strike zone, pitch clock and a ban on infield shifts, here are five other changes Major League Baseball could have in place by 2028

Notable MLB on-field rule changes over the past 50 years

Baseball is a sport that has seldom altered its rules, although recent years have seen a number of changes implemented in the major leagues

Listen: How can baseball reinvent itself for today's audience?

As part of the Star Tribune's three-part series on analytics and the future of baseball, Chris Hine, Joe Christensen and Chip Scoggins joined Michael Rand for a discussion about what Major League Baseball gets right and what things it needs to change going forward.