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They pledged allegiance to the flag for the first time as U.S. citizens

Nearly 2,000 immigrants became naturalized citizens Tuesday in St. Paul.

Twin Cities LGBTQ community left reeling from Club Q shooting

Feeling vulnerable after Colorado shooting, some in local LGBTQ circles are banding together.

Nellie Stone Johnson honored with statue at the State Capitol

The likeness of the civil rights leader is the first statue placed inside the Capitol in more than 60 years.

Internet speed disparities in Minneapolis depend on address

Formerly redlined neighborhoods have the lowest percentages of broadband internet.

Ethiopian Minnesotans, watching war from afar, hope fragile peace holds

There are about 35,000 Ethiopian immigrants and people of Ethiopian descent in the state.

Mpls. areas hit by crime want say with candidates, not slogans

Some leaders in the areas hit hardest by violence say they wish candidates would spend more time engaging them and residents instead of using public safety as a flashpoint in campaign ads.

Minnesota artists install Day of the Dead altar at State Capitol

Making an altar is a tradition for Mexicans and Latin Americans around the world.

Community leaders discuss ways to bridge the racial hunger divide in Minnesota

Second Harvest saw its hungriest summer ever this year with rising food costs, supply chain issues and wages that haven't kept up with inflation.

Twin Cities area sees wave of new coffee shops opened by people of color

While most coffee is farmed by Black and brown people in Latin America and Africa, nearly 70% of U.S. coffee roasters are white, according to Zippia, a career website.

International Institute of Minnesota launches guaranteed income pilot program for refugees

One of the country's first programs of its kind, it is funded through foundations and private donors.