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Q: "Yellowstone" used to air after "60 Minutes" a few months back. Will it continue sometime?

A: The western drama is produced for the Paramount Network (not to be confused with Paramount+). Its corporate sibling, CBS, ran episodes of "Yellowstone" to fill time when most of its regular shows were shut down by the Hollywood strikes. There have been 4½ seasons of the series so far, all available for streaming on Peacock. Production on the second half of the fifth season has begun, with telecasts coming in November on Paramount Network.

However, it appears that star Kevin Costner is not a part of the remaining Season 5 episodes because of an array of production conflicts, among them Costner's work on "Horizon: An American Saga." That multi-part movie epic will have its first installment in theaters later this month.

Take a load off

Q: I noticed the recent "Jeopardy!" winner Grant DeYoung was using a stool. I'm wondering why because, in all my years of viewing the show, I have only seen this now.

A: The show posted on X (formerly Twitter) that the option to sit is available to all players. DeYoung is one of several contestants of late to use a seat; he reportedly wanted it because of back arthritis that made it hard to stand for extended periods.

A new rank

Q: Stephanie Kurtzuba has played a police captain on "Blue Bloods." However, I am positive she played a sergeant a few seasons ago. Am I crazy?

A: You are not. It's the same character. Kurtzuba first played police Sgt. Paula McNichols in 2019 and in more recent seasons has been playing the promoted Capt. McNichols. By the way, "Blue Bloods" will be back this fall with the remaining episodes of its final season.

A holiday favorite

Q: I remember a black-and-white film I would guess from the early 1970s or perhaps '60s. The story line centered on a somewhat impoverished boy, maybe 8 to10, living in the projects. The boy was occasionally bullied by neighbor kids but befriended a stray cat. What is the name of it?

A: You are recalling a touching film called "J.T.," starring Kevin Hooks. It originally aired in December 1969 as part of "CBS Children's Hour" and became a holiday mainstay for many. One place you can find it now is YouTube. By the way, Hooks went on to star in the movie "Sounder" and the series "The White Shadow," among other productions, and became a successful director, including of a "Sounder" remake.

A sure bet

Q: Are any of the Kenny Rogers "Gambler" movies available? I remember one where TV western stars showed up. But nobody seems to be streaming these.

A: There are five "Gambler" movies that aired from 1980 to 1994: "The Gambler" (also known as "Kenny Rogers as The Gambler"), "Kenny Rogers as The Gambler: The Adventure Continues," "Kenny Rogers as The Gambler Part III: The Legend Continues," "The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw" and "Gambler V: Playing for Keeps." "Luck of the Draw" was the one featuring a host of old western stars. Two of the streamers listing all five are Peacock and Tubi. Some were two-part presentations, with each part listed separately.

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