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The World's Biggest Bounce House, arrived in St. Louis Park last weekend and will be open again June 3-5.

"The Taj Mahal of bounce houses," as it's been called, covers 16,000 square feet and reaches 32 feet in height. The Guinness-certified inflatable has been touring the country for several years, accompanied by three other enormous inflatables with various themes: obstacle course, outer space and sports.

Last Saturday morning, after about two days of setup, Aquila Park (3110 Xylon Av. S.) looked like a blow-up theme park, full of puffy climbing towers, giant slides, ball pits and more. DJs, confetti and other props added to the festive atmosphere.

Tickets to bounce aren't cheap, at $19 to $32, (may be ordered in advance at but they include a timed slot on the World's Biggest Bounce House, plus unlimited access to the others for three hours. Enthusiastic bouncers will find plenty to fill the entire period.

But anyone who hasn't stepped a bounce house since childhood, might appreciate a few tips:

Balancing on the squishy surface can be a bit tricky — it's easier to bounce across it than walk. The obstacle course is fairly long and requires enough climbing, ducking and crawling, so be prepared for a legitimate workout. If it's hot, bring water. (There are several food trucks.) And if it's rained recently, bring a spare pair of socks, because a little water can puddle in low spots.

The air-filled couches in the lounging corner of the World's Biggest Bounce House are — for once — totally OK to jump on. Though after all that bouncing, you may prefer to lie down.

Bounce sessions are segmented by age, including some for those 16 and up who want to experience what tour manager Trisha Leach calls "Adult Disney Land." Spectators may attend for free, but adults planning on accompanying children in the inflatables must purchase tickets. (Children 3 and under must be accompanied by a paying adult; those 4 and over may jump alone.)