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A woman carrying groceries was hit by a driver in Brooklyn Park and killed, officials said Sunday.

The crash occurred shortly after 7:30 p.m. Saturday on Brooklyn Boulevard at Hampshire Avenue, police said.

As of late Saturday, the woman's identity had yet to be verified, said police Inspector Elliot Faust.

The teenage driver who hit the woman stopped immediately and was found by officers to not be impaired by drugs or alcohol, Faust said.

"We don't believe the driver was at fault," the inspector said, "but we won't be able to say that solidly until we see all the evidence."

Faust said the woman was carrying groceries while crossing Brooklyn Boulevard from south to north at Hampshire, where there is no crosswalk.

Based on the law, the inspector said, "I would consider the pedestrian to not have the right of way in this circumstance."

Other vehicles hit the woman after she fell to the pavement, but those drivers "didn't know they hit a person," Faust said. Emergency responders declared the woman dead at the scene.