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Flip Saunders headed to Las Vegas after the Timberwolves finished the third and final days of workouts at Target Center on Thursday, and by Saturday he'll be three time zones over in Miami.

Yes, he's got a lot of work to do before the June 27 draft.

Saunders supervised his team's first individual workouts Thursday, when the Wolves brought four shooting guards to town along with a couple of big men.

Georgia's Kentavious Caldwell-Pope was the only one of the four the Wolves will consider taking with that ninth overall pick.

The other three -- Cal's Allen Crabbe, Michigan's Tim Hardaway Jr. and Providence's Ricky Ledo -- all are candidates for that 26th pick.

Saunders praised all four for their good shooting and good size, two of the biggest needs in a new shooting guard.

Caldwell-Pope shot it well from the little we got to see at the end of the workouts, but didn't look to me as big and/or long as the other three.Crabbe is longer, Ledo and Hardaway both a bit taller than the 6-5 1/2 Caldwell-Pope.

When asked what he learned about Caldwell-Pope, Saunders said, "Nothing more than we knew about him before. Just what the scouting report says: Can shoot the ball, has good size, good quickness. He was a very very good player in the SEC. The things people said about him, that's what he does. That's what you like about him. I believe he's a player who has a lot of upside and he's a two-way player."'

Saunders made it clear he's looking for size and shooting in a much-needed shooting guard.

He headed to Vegas to attend a pro there Friday featuring Russian shooting guard Sergey Karasev, a teammate of Andrei Kirilenko and Alexey Shved on the Russian Olympic team.

Then Saunders will fly to Miami to meet Ricky Rubio for the first time since he replaced David Kahn as the team's new boss.

He'll head to Italy next week for the annual Eurocamp. The team won't hold more Target Center workouts until he returns, starting, as they have it scheduled now, June 12.