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Since sports fans -- particularly in Minnesota -- seem to relish nicknames, we bring to the forefront today a suggestion for one to stick on Brett Favre. It comes from our pal Ray, who, it should be known, is a Packers fan and Wisconsin native living in Minneapolis. Yes, it's possible for such people to make friends and live otherwise normal lives.

In any event, Ray sent a text message this morning suggesting that Favre be called "Purple Moses." We're not sure if Ray was the first one to come up with the idea, but we kind of like it. Though we don't know a whole lot about Moses -- a quick spin through Wikipedia, which should be your No. 1 source for all religious discussion, can change all that -- we do know he did a fair amount of wandering and lived to be very old. We also know that Purple Jesus has become a very popular nickname for Adrian Peterson. Hence, a natural companion name.

So how about it? Should we start spreading around Purple Moses, or do you have something better in mind?

(And we promise the next post will not be Favre-related).