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Gov. Tim Walz and other Democrats vying to hang on to statewide offices in Minnesota have significant cash advantages over their GOP opponents in all but the state auditor's race.

Republicans were nonetheless optimistic that they are headed into the midterm election season with a political advantage and can overcome DFL incumbents' deep war chests. Campaign finance numbers for the second quarter of the year, submitted Tuesday, offer a look at the finances of a narrowed field of candidates for Minnesota's constitutional offices.


DFL Gov. Tim Walz has continued to dramatically outraise Republican challenger Scott Jensen with five months until the general election. Jensen emerged as the GOP's pick to take on Walz after winning the party's endorsement in May. The bulk of Independent Hugh McTavish's funds come from a loan he gave to his campaign.


Two Republican hopefuls are angling to take on Democratic Attorney General Keith Ellison in November. Jim Schultz won the GOP endorsement but raised less than fellow Republican Doug Wardlow, who has spent big to try to secure a rematch with Ellison. The two GOP contenders will face off in an August primary.


DFL Secretary of State Steve Simon netted more than twice as much as Republican Kim Crockett in the competition for the office that handles how elections are run in Minnesota.


GOP hopeful Ryan Wilson beat DFL incumbent Julie Blaha's fundraising total in the battle for the state auditor's office, which is charged with overseeing local government spending. Wilson listed no cash spending but $37,000 in in-kind expenditures with himself as the vendor.

Source: Minnesota Campaign Finance Board

Note: All figures are based on filings from Jan. 1 through May 31, but some candidates' cash-on-hand totals include fundraising from prior years. Candidates who raised less than $5,000 since Jan. 1, or have not filed reports, are not listed. The numbers do not include in-kind figures or non-campaign expenditures.