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Our trusted editor Chris Miller worked the locker room today and uncovered an interesting nugget when talking with tight Visanthe Shiancoe about the noise at the Superdome.

Shiancoe showed off a ear plug that each Vikings player received and will try out in Wednesday's practice.

"Oh yeah," he said, showing off his purple ear plug. "This is custom made. It's going to be loud down there so we're going to wear them today in practice. It's going to be loud every day in practice this week. They're going to turn it up. We're going to try [the ear plugs] out. If you like them, keep them. If you don't, do whatever you want to do with them."

Edwards update

Ray Edwards also talked in the locker room but he offered little information about his sprained right knee. Asked numerous times about his knee, Edwards said repeatedly "It's good," and referred any health-related questions to coach Brad Childress.

Edwards is getting round the clock treatment this week and we'll know later today how much work, if any, he does in practice.

"Just trying to stay on top of it," he said. "Just trying to keep the swelling down."

Edwards said he has studied tape on Saints Pro Bowl right tackle Jon Stinchcomb and how he might go about attacking him.

"He's a very good, athletic guy," Edwards said. "Very big (6-5, 315 pounds). He gets his hands on you pretty quick. He's very good."