How an oriole builds her nest

Artistry completed in two days

Nests that hang from trees

Mostly orioles, sometimes vireos

Suburban sandhill cranes

Adult and colt see eye to eye on foraging

Why do crows harass owls?

Because owls eat crows

Bird feet tighten on touch

It's how they stay on a perch

A loud fight ensued

Geese very territorial

Long hello, quick goodbye

Nesting Canada geese

Barn swallows needed rain

Nest building requires mud

Red-necked grebes mating

A lucky find, cooperative birds

48 square inches of moss

Chickadee nest is serious work

A raptor coloring book

Good to fill some extra hours

Observation of ospreys mating

A nest at Wayzata West Middle School

Identifying kinglets

Colorful names, subtle markings

Bird-box battle

Tree swallows and eastern bluebirds

Migration early Saturday

Radar shows moderate movement here

Wood duck house-hunting

Hen made a visit to one of our nesting boxes

Stand by for birds

Migration flow moving north quickly

Radar shows birds on the move

Central Iowa Wednesday morning

Mealworms popular today

Mealworms popular today

Chickadees and blackbirds

Video field trip to Sax-Zim bog

Tuesday, 5 p.m., three sources