Blue jays love peanuts

An entertaining peanut feeder

Here is a cardinal nest

Friction holds it together

Bird migration report

Good to better upcoming

Pity the birds in Phoenix

Birds don't like it any better than people do.

Birds: heavy migration tonight

And Tuesday, with good birding possible on following mornings

Migration prediction

Migration prediction

Heavy on Monday and Tuesday nights

New bird boxes? Think fall, not spring

Do it while the doing is easiest

Pushing the climate too hard

From 'The Oceans: a deep history

Bankers helping birds

Mortgages, insurance, and climate

Huge migration event predicted for Thursday-Friday

Millions of birds moving across Minnesota

Birds are keeping us sane

Essay by British birder

"Bird Love" a new book

Excellent photos, unfortunate type choice

The most beautiful duck on earth

Author Greg Hoch chooses the Wood Duck

Red-breasted Nuthatches, maybe

This could be an irruption year

Green heron in action

Green heron in action

Catching fish and frogs

Is your birdbath too deep?

Is your birdbath too deep?

Chickadee almost drowns in overfilled basin

Bird named for Confederate Army officer has new name

McCown's longspur is no more

We love the wrong animals

Wild creatures need more of our attention

Rule for eating a bullhead

Always swallow head first

What do nuthatches feed nestlings?

Identifying mashed insects