If Byron Buxton can stay in uniform and sign autographs and make plays all summer, the Twins will win.

— Jerry Holt, Star Tribune

Two things Twins need to do less in 2023: Calling the bullpen, limping to training room

Early hooks on the mound and the constant injuries in the lineup took the life out of the Twins last summer. Fans should hope they won't be seeing a repeat this season.

Ninety wins for Twins? Here's why not: Weak lineup and average arms

Being at spring training can make a ballwriter giddy with optimism, but stuck in cold Minnesota, one is more realistic.

Why will the Twins win 90-plus games in 2023? Start with who is not on the roster

Twins manager Rocco Baldelli will preside over a revamped roster in 2023, including what he calls the deepest pitching staff the team has had since he took over in 2019.

— Jerry Holt, Star Tribune, Star Tribune

After a busy offseason, the team has better players, top to bottom. Pitching and defense will be the Twins strength this summer as they contend in the American League.

National League power rankings: Can Mets still thrive without closer Edwin Diaz?

Four of the key players for the 2023 National League season (clockwise from top left): Mets SP Justin Verlander, Dodgers 1B Freddie Freeman, Padres OF Juan Soto and Braves SP Kyle Wright.

— Associated Press photos, Star Tribune

With Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer at the top of the rotation, New York should have the key ingredient to a great season.

American League power rankings: Astros pitching makes them team to beat

Some of the best players on the best teams in the American League in 2023 (clockwise from top left): the Yankees’ Aaron Judge, the Blue Jays’ Alek Manoah, the Mariners’ Julio Rodriguez and the Astros’ Yordan Alvarez.

— Associated Press, Star Tribune

The defending World Series champions have a power-laden batting order as well as they prepare to defend their title.

Baseball's new defensive rules favor athletic ability — and knowing your place on the field

The Twins used assorted shifts, which are now illegal, more often than most other teams. During the offseason, adding players with first-rate defensive skills became a priority. New rules are a big reason why.

Banning defensive shifts makes batters feel better. But will they really hit better?

New rules limiting where infielders can position themselves are being cheered by many players. But one former Twins star thinks the change could have more impact on their attitude than their statistics.