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If there’s one thing better than a baked potato, it’s a twice-baked potato. You know the drill: You scoop out the cooked flesh, mix it with some cheesy-fatty goodness, spoon it back into the shells and bake again until it’s bubbling hot and browned, maybe even crispy on top. Retro, and good.

This great recipe, from BuzzFeed’s Goodful brand, takes the idea in a different direction, with sweet potatoes treated to ingredients popular in Middle Eastern cooking. The flesh gets mashed with garlicky tahini sauce, but instead of baking them again, you top them with roasted chickpeas, pomegranate seeds, mint and parsley for pops of protein, flavor and crunch.

In true Mediterranean style, the potatoes can be served warm or at room temperature. But if you wanted them hotter, and sent them back under the broiler for a few minutes before topping, I sure wouldn’t argue.