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'Disco: Soundtrack of a Revolution'

You can forgive the giants of the disco era for passing on the chance to be part of this three-part documentary. For many, it's a chapter of their lives they'd like to forget. But the team behind this retrospective is determined to showcase the admirable assets of the craze, particularly its ability to bring diverse people together on the dance floor. Those who do participate — one-hit wonders, underappreciated producers, the cop from the Village People — seem delighted that someone is once again interested in their contributions to pop culture. 7 p.m. Tue., TPT; future episodes air on June 25 and July 2


The Los Angeles Clippers seem destined to always live in the shadow of the Lakers. This miniseries, which focuses on the downfall of owner Donald Sterling, has its draws, most notably the performances of Laurence Fishburne as coach Doc Rivers and Ed O'Neill as the bombastic Sterling. But the six episodes are mainly used as a springboard to talk about race relations; there's hardly any actual court action. "Clipped" might have been more impressive if weren't coming out so soon after "Winning Time," HBO's more entertaining look at the Lakers. Tuesday, Hulu

'Butterfly in the Sky'

For reasons that still aren't entirely clear to me, LeVar Burton keeps popping up in "Clipped" as himself. His presence makes a lot more sense in this loving tribute to "Reading Rainbow," the show he hosted for more than two decades. Younger viewers will get suggestions for old titles that still hold up, but this is mostly aimed at adults who grew up on the series and want to hear the behind-the-scenes tidbits. Netflix

'Dancing With the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult'

The title of this three-part documentary suggests viewers are in for another indictment of the social media app. But director Derek Doneen is mostly interested in bringing down Robert Shinn, a pastor who many believe is a cult leader who would be just as dangerous in a pre-internet age. This story about young dancers falling under his spell has been reported elsewhere, but Doneen provides fresh, intimate footage of how families can be torn apart by a Svengali with more than high digital traffic on the agenda. Netflix

'We Are Lady Parts'

The stereotype-shattering sitcom about an all-female, all-Muslim punk band returns after a three-year break. Activist Malala Yousafzai shows her support with a weird, wordless cameo in the second episode. Peacock