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Tony Oliva admits he doesn’t know all of the Twins’ signs, but he can still be of value on the bench. “I only give the hit sign,” said Oliva, who had 1,917 of them in 15 years with the Twins. “ ‘Get a hit.’ ”

Oliva is in uniform during this seven-game road trip to Seattle and Anaheim, the first time he’s traveled with the team since he was a coach on Tom Kelly’s staff in 1991. “I feel like a rookie again,” the 80-year-old Twins Hall of Famer said. “My first road trip in almost 30 years.”

Manager Rocco Baldelli said he and his staff had considered inviting Oliva on a road trip since spring training, when they saw how much he bonds with current players. “I couldn’t be happier, the staff couldn’t be happier, I can definitely say the players couldn’t be happier to have him around,” Baldelli said. “Once we brought it up to him, we learned quickly that he’d love to.”

More than quickly, Oliva said: “I said yes in a second.”

The Mariners and Angels have been alerted that the Twins have an extra coach in uniform this week, and they’re OK with it. “I sit here and root for the guys,” Oliva said. “My heart is always positive toward the Twins, but to be in here, be part of it, it’s a lot of fun.”