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Bloomington husband and wife die within 24 hours of each other

Bill and Mary Hanson were buried together on what would have been their 53rd wedding anniversary.

Farmers urge Gov. Mark Dayton and legislative leaders to provide tax credits for buffer property

Farmers demand compensation for taking cropland out of production, but it's unclear where the money will come from.

Mosaic Company reported lower sales volumes but higher sales revenue for quarter

Late spring planting and rail bottlenecks in Canada affected its earnings.

Rural Minnesotans frustrated over health costs, lack of broadband

Many rural Minnesotans feel left behind or ignored when it comes to challenges in everyday living.

Lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis questions attorney fees and conduct in Syngenta case

Corn growers accuse attorneys of "self-dealing."

Proposed new penalty for Minnesota's buffer law decried by farmers, legislators and Gov. Dayton

State agency apologizes, says fines were meant to help with compliance.

Rowbots Systems help bring the future to farming

"Rowbots" can fertilize crops more efficiently and precisely, and hopefully in the future, plant some seeds.

Minnesota has millions at stake as China targets soybean exports

Minnesota is the nation's third largest producer of soybeans. The crop accounts for 30 percent of the state's agricultural exports. The state shipped more than $2 billion worth of soybeans abroad in 2016. More than half went to China.

Albert Lea Seed House thrives as it adjusts to a changing farm industry

The third-generation company provides a wide variety of seeds that farmers can't find through co-ops.

Minnesota median farm income down again

Low commodity prices caused another year of "slow bleeding" in 2017.