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The recent News of the World report of yet another mistress for Tiger Woods (some counts indicate we're at 9, at least in terms of rumored connections, and the number is still in flux) provided plenty of sordid details about alleged encounters in his house and a parking lot. But it also had a few nuggets that, if true, indicate why we're still shocked by all this: Tiger has always seemed like a huge dork to us, despite his golfing greatness. To wit, the alleged start of things with the ex-Perkins manager:

He would call in up to three times a week with golfing buddies after early morning practice sessions for his favourite breakfast of white egg omelette with broccoli and orange juice. She recalled: "The first time I saw him he had a baseball cap pulled down over his eyes. I was a little star-struck and helped the servers at his table. We didn't speak, but made eye contact."

Does Tiger Woods know how to party or what? We can picture him very clearly sedately eating a healthy breakfast. We can't imagine anything else. But again, if the report -- and many of the other separate reports -- has truth, then sweet mercy. It's in a British tabloid, so who really knows what to think. Click the above link at your own peril. But wow.