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A TikTok user described her Walt Disney World experience on July 30 as "torture" after the It's a Small World ride got stuck, the New York Post reported. "We sat there for about an hour stuck with the song on repeat!!" hazeysmom22 wrote. The boat sails through a facsimile of Walt Disney World while the infamous song is sung by animatronic children. Now it's in your head, too!

Least competent victim

On July 25, a man in the Saitama Prefecture in Japan met another man in a convenience store parking lot with the hope of selling his 18-karat gold Rolex watch, SoraNews24 reported. The potential buyer handled the watch, priced at $47,000, for a few minutes, then suggested the seller pop into the store for a tea. Two minutes later, tea in hand, the seller emerged from the store to find the buyer, and his watch, gone. The victim said he "was too stupid."

Spelling test

Allan Grainger, 61, of Derby, England, has two tattoos that include his first name, spelled with two L's. His wedding certificate and his driver's license both spell it the same way. But on July 30, when his family came across his birth certificate, they were shocked to learn that his name is really Alan, with one L, the Daily Mail reported. The factory worker said he and his parents always spelled his name Allan. "I couldn't believe it. I think it was a mistake on the birth certificate because my mum wouldn't let me go through school spelling my name like that," he said.

Cashing in on cheaters

Folks in China tackle the problem of cheating husbands head-on, with two professional paths related to the issue: "mistress killers" and "mistress persuading teachers," who talk the "other women" into giving up their paramours. Among the latter, Oddity Central reported, Wang Zhenxi is a standout: In a year, she was able to persuade 800 women to back off. Wang starts by shadowing and befriending her target, and sometimes resorts to revealing the affair to the mistress' family and friends. "In addition to earning money, I can help more people return to happy families," she said. "That is the most fulfilling part of this job." (In related news, the South China Morning Post reported on July 30 that a Chinese court ordered the girlfriend of a married man to return to his wife the $569,000 he had given her over 14 years.)

Want fries with that?

"Pickle," an art installation at the Michael Lett Gallery in Auckland, New Zealand, is composed of a ketchupy pickle from a McDonald's cheeseburger stuck to the ceiling of the gallery, Oddity Central reported. Australian artist Matthew Griffin is the creator of the piece, which is described as a "provocative gesture" designed to question what has value. "As much as this looks like a pickle attached to the ceiling — and there is no artifice there, that is exactly what it is — there is something in the encounter with that as a sculpture or a sculptural gesture," said Ryan Moore, director of Fine Arts Sydney, the gallery that represents Griffin.

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