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In case you somehow missed some or all of the Jimmy Butler drama last week, here's a recap of what happened and where it stands:

• The Wolves and Heat were on the verge of a Butler trade last weekend before it fell through, reportedly because the Wolves made a last-minute pitch for Miami to give up more.

• Butler, who had been sitting out all of training camp since requesting a trade one week before it started, returned to practice on Wednesday, reportedly challenging teammates and General Manager Scott Layden in an emotionally charged appearance. He then went on ESPN and said of the practice: "All my emotion came out at one time. Was it the right way to do it? No. But I can't control that when I'm out there competing."

• The Wolves announced Thursday morning that they were canceling that day's practice and media availability. Multiple outlets later reported that Butler called a players-only meeting Thursday in an attempt to clear the air, but other Wolves players on social media cast doubts on whether the meeting happened — adding to a confusing day.

• Butler did not accompany the Wolves to Milwaukee for their final preseason game Friday, with the official reason given by coach Tom Thibodeau that Butler was working on his conditioning. Of the Wednesday practice, Thibodeau said: "I did expect [Butler] there, and some things that have been reported are correct and some are not. It's not uncommon when players scrimmage that there will be some talk. It was competitive."