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'Gracie's Choice'
In the early 2000s, Anne Heche's movie career had stalled. Instead of wallowing, the actor turned to stage and TV. In 2004, she earned high praise for her performance in Broadway's "Twentieth Century" and earned an Emmy nomination for her role as an unhinged, drug-addicted mother in this Lifetime movie. Kristen Bell, who was about to star in "Veronica Mars," is the lead character, fighting to keep her family together while mom is out carousing. But it's Heche, who died Sunday, who's the wonderful wild card, going from charming to creepy in seconds flat. It may be her finest screen performance. Amazon Prime, Tubi

'Day Shift'
Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dogg bring personality to a snarky horror comedy. Foxx plays a devoted dad and supposed pool cleaner who's really a vampire hunter, with an assist from Dogg. Dave Franco is also amusing as a wonky dude who knows a lot more than anyone needs to know about how the underworld works but the gruesome violence grows wearying and the bad guys aren't compelling enough. Netflix

This new sitcom features a lot of cast members from Greg Garcia's 2010-14 sitcom "Raising Hope," including Martha Plimpton, a talent who specializes in making white trash smell like roses. But the show is closer in tone to Garcia's "My Name Is Earl," with an ex-con (Garret Dillahunt) determined to use what he learned in prison to commit good deeds (and the occasional misdemeanor). The whole series has a great honky-tonk vibe, starting with the use of Jerry Reed's "Talk About the Good Times" as the theme song. Friday, Freevee

'Wedding Season'
Pallavi Sharda and Suraj Sharma are delightful in one of those fake love stories Netflix seems to specialize in. Their characters agree to pretend they're dating during "wedding season," when they know they're invited to more than a dozen ceremonies and expected to have primo dates for them. Things get complicated when, of course, the frenemies actually fall in love and have to add another level of deceit to their no-longer-phony romance. Netflix

'Bad Sisters'
Instead of pining for another season of "Big Little Lies," check out the latest from the tireless Sharon Horgan ("Divorce," "Catastrophe"). In addition to being lead writer, she stars as one of five siblings whose sarcastic wits are only topped by their love for one another — and what they're willing to do when one of them gets trapped in an abusive marriage. It's a much funnier version of how to get away with murdering an evil spouse. Friday, Apple Plus TV