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'The Flight Attendant'
Season 2 opens with Cassandra (Kaley Cuoco) narrowing in on her one-year anniversary without a drink. But sobriety can't keep her from getting entangled in another international murder, having conversations with ghosts and confronting her mother (Sharon Stone). The complex mystery and exotic settings are compelling enough. But the main reason to tune in continues to be Cuoco, a nimble comic actor capable of pulling laughs out of thin air. Cheryl Hines pops up as a CIA boss determined to curb Cassandra's enthusiasm. Lands Thursday, HBO Max

'Spenser Confidential'
Mark Wahlberg stars in a tone-deaf action comedy as the Boston cop-turned-jailbird-turned-freelance-detective. Directed by Peter Berg, who attended St. Paul's Macalester College, "Spenser" finds its hero investigating former coworkers who are involved with drugs and corruption. It doesn't make a lot of sense, which is too bad because the supporting cast — which includes Winston Duke and Alan Arkin as Spenser's pals, and Hope Olaide Wilson as the wife of a colleague — is outstanding. Netflix

'They Call Me Magic'
You can see why Earvin "Magic" Johnson is urging basketball fans to skip "Winning Time," HBO's scathing comedy about the Lakers dynasty, and watch this documentary instead. It's full of enough jaw-dropping footage to convince you that Johnson was the most exciting player in NBA history. Even former rivals like Larry Bird and Michael Jordan sing their praises. But the legend doesn't come across as a complete saint. Director Rick Famuyiwa dedicates a considerable amount of time to how his subject matter mistreated his long-suffering girlfriend, Cookie, before eventually marrying her. Launches Friday, Apple TV Plus

'Polar Bear'
This Disney Nature film takes a lot of liberties, starting with the concept of having narrator Catherine Keener climb inside the head of a mama bear who's looking back on her Arctic childhood and how tough times prepared her to raise a cub of her own. The approach has more in common with "Bambi" than "Planet Earth." Still, the photographer is stunning, especially when the young 'uns encounter beluga whales. And it's a nice way to celebrate Earth Day. Arrives Friday, Disney Plus

Brittany Snow and rapper/singer Kid Cudi lead a lively cast in Ti West's clever horror movie. They're part of a bunch of friends who rent a barn from an unsuspecting farmer, intending to use it as the setting of a porn film. The details of that film are very funny but events quickly turn dark as it becomes clear the farmer is not the innocent hayseed they assume he is. "X" is slightly too long but West keeps us guessing most of the way. On-demand services