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We are a little shaken up by the fact that Stu's Hunt Down on Brent Novoselsky was only revealed to us AFTER we referenced the obscure Vikings tight end in an earlier post today. Stu was already working on The Hunt Down at the time. So two men independently thought of Brent Novoselksy today. "Layers upon layers," as Stu noted. By the way, the accompanying picture is of Nirvana bass player Krist Novoselic, whom we always get confused with Brent Novoselsky. Stu?


The Hunt Down

Name: Brent Novoselsky

Claim to Fame, Minnesota: a tight end for the Minnesota Vikings from 1989-1994. The Penn alum is part of the rich Vikings tradition of Ivy League players, including Steve Jordan (Brown), Matt Birk (Harvard) and Todd Bouman (St. Cloud State). You may recall that one of his two career touchdown catches came on Christmas night, 1989, against the Cincinnati Bengals. I don’t, but I do remember that game because they broke into it to let the audience know that Billy Martin had died.
Claim to Fame, Everywhere Else: started his career with the lowly Chicago Bears, and is a member of the Chicago Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.
Where He Is Now: Novoselsky is the Vice President of GCG Financial, a Chicago-area financial services firm. Wikipedia has the oddly phrased note that Novoselsky “is currently Jewish and living in Buffalo Grove.” Check back next week to see if he is now a Unitarian.
Is He On Twitter: No. But you can buy one of his game-worn jerseys on eBay.
Glorious Randomness: Novoselsky is a native of Skokie, Illinois, which is perhaps best known as the city Michael Rand stayed in for the Blogs with Balls 3 conference. Others may remember it because of the controversial Supreme Court case about Nazis attempting to march in the city. Man, I hate Illinois Nazis.
Programming note, by the way: We'll have a morning post tomorrow, but we're taking the rest of the day off for a big North Dakota getaway. Plan your final Friday in July accordingly.