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Neighborhood Sports Network, provider of streamed high school sports broadcasts, is warning about scammers using its product to dupe people out of credit card information.

An NSPN spokesman said scammers are duplicating graphics from NSPN and using them on websites. Web searches for high school sports matchups turn up opportunities to view streams of games that then link to fake sites, where credit card information is sought.

The trouble began last year and was especially prominent during the high school hockey and basketball tournaments, Andy Price of NSPN said. This fall, football is the lure, and Twitter is being used to entice victims.

Price said NSPN advises those looking to purchase a stream of a high school sports event to go directly to Also, NSPN has a partnership with the Minnesota State High School League, making access to its streamed games available via, the league's website.

"Based on what I am seeing, it will be hard to stop," Price said. "Our hope is we educate as many potential viewers as possible."