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Steve Alexander follows consumer and business technology trends, and writes a weekly question and answer column for consumers.

Alexander: How to prevent, and fix, a balky external drive

If three different external drives have failed to operate properly, your PC must be the source of the problem.

Alexander: Proving who you are with multifactor authentication

It reduces, but does not eliminate, the risk of someone impersonating you to gain access to your personal information.

Alexander: Fixing a PC slowed down by security software

Instead of making buying recommendations for commercial products, here is some general advice to consider — including which software to avoid.

Alexander: Reducing smartphone photo quality to save space

Manufacturers sell phones partly by touting high-quality cameras, so they haven't been anxious to help customers lower the quality of photos, which would make photo files smaller.

Alexander: Windows 10 updates are creating new problems

Gmail is being sabotaged by a recent upgrade to Windows 10's Mail app, with not all users being able to rescue their vanished e-mails.

Alexander: Windows 10 expired free upgrade offer still works

Q: I converted my Windows 7 PC to Windows 10 in 2016, when Microsoft was offering the upgrade for free. But I didn’t like Windows…

Alexander: How to keep an idle Web browser connected

  Q: I use the Safari web browser on my MacBook Pro, and typically have several tabs (separate screens showing different web pages) open at…

Alexander: Fixing wireless printing on a mesh Wi-Fi network

Mesh networks use multiple Wi-Fi antennas to blanket a large house with a strong wireless signal. But this convenience comes at a price.

Alexander: What to do when a fast PC gets hot

There are some actions you can take, but they may not eliminate the heating problem entirely.

Alexander: How to share Windows 10 files with other PCs

Q: We have two Windows 10 PCs and would like to share documents and photos between them. On our Windows 7 PCs we would have…