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Some of the most popular, best-received product recommendations and reviews are for items and categories that many readers are unfamiliar with. This week I have two excellent products in that vein.

The first is the Artestia Car Refrigerator. The "car refrigerator" name is selling it short because it is very versatile and can be used in many ways and in many places on the go, at home and in the workplace.

It resembles a largish cooler. Digital controls are found on the top panel, and the top-opening door is reversible. A DC car power supply is included, and it can be powered by AC using a 10-amp adapter that provides a cigarette lighter socket. (I used the SHNITPWR 10-amp adapter, $21.99 on Amazon.)

Though it can reach freezing temperatures, there is only one compartment with a basket divider and, hence, one temperature zone. You can keep ice cream frozen or drinks cold, but not both at the same time. It is very quiet and cools quickly.

In the Artestia I found the perfect man cave refrigerator. I have been looking for a small fridge for the room for years, but I did not want a typical front-opening appliance that requires me to crouch down every time I want to open it. I also tend to flex the room space into different configurations while reviewing equipment for the column, and dorm refrigerators tend to be awkward to handle. The Artestia opens from the top, and is really easy to move around.

I can see it being a perfect match to dorms, offices, workshops, garages, parties on the porch, as well as in vehicles. Because it doesn't need ice, it holds more than the same size cooler. It's a great product, and I am sure owners will find many uses for it. The Artestia Car Refrigerator sells on Amazon for $279.99 and has a lifetime warranty.

Next up is USB-rechargeable powered salt and pepper grinders from Littneo, $35.95. Powered grinders seemed like overkill to me until I tried them. I love to cook, and these grinders have made life easier and my technique better.

Coarseness is adjustable, they distribute the spices more evenly than a typical grinder or shaker and a downward-facing LED light even shows the way. I also can hold the grinder in one hand and flip the meat with the other, avoiding contamination without frequent hand-washing. I may get a few more of these for other spices such as barbecue rubs.

Sound advice

Q: I have noticed that the Xfinity cable TV volume is lower than that from the streaming services. Is this typical, or is it related to my equipment?

A: This is typical. You will even notice differences between streaming channels. The channels and cable are transmitting at different volume levels, based on their own taste and what they think is right. Just adjust the amplifier as needed to get the volume that you want.

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