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Eleven of the animals seized from a pet rescue in Fridley last month are now available for adoption at Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley.

The four dogs and seven cats available now range in age from 8 months to 11 years old, said Graham Brayshaw, the Humane Society's director for veterinary medicine. Five more animals will become available when there is room to move them to the adoption floor, he added.

On May 23, Humane Society officers along with Fridley police seized 42 animals from Happy Tails, a rescue at 7331 Baker St. NE. in Fridley, and from the home of the director of that rescue. The rescued animals included cats, dogs, a guinea pig and a parrot. Investigators also found 15 dead cats and dogs. Police are still investigating the rescue, though a post on the Humane Society's website said the animals "endured inadequate medical care and living conditions."

All of those animals were originally transferred to the Humane Society, though two of them, including the parrot, have since been sent to other animal shelters, Brayshaw said. Nineteen of the 42 animals had pressing medical conditions when they arrived, he said, including respiratory diseases, hair loss and ringworm. Four of the animals have been euthanized, either from illness or because of behavioral issues.

Members of the public interested in taking home one of the cats or dogs available now should not be hesitant, Brayshaw said — most of them simply came from other rescues from out of state before landing at Happy Tails. All the animals up for adoption have received medical care and behavioral evaluations.

"These are not bad adoption candidates, compared to any other animal you're going to choose to adopt," he said.