Sid Hartman created a rags-to-riches story unlike any his hometown has seen, working his way from the very bottom of the newspaper industry to becoming one of the most influential members in his profession.

Sid Hartman was networking before anybody coined the term

Sid Hartman was networking before anybody coined the term

He was a dynamo of networking several decades before anyone used the term to describe buddying up to people who might assist in a chosen field, Patrick Reusse says.

I helped Sid Hartman keep up his column. He saved my life.

Sid Hartman and Jeff Day

Jeff Day had been helping Sid Hartman write his columns. "People say I kept Sid's column going, and thereby kept Sid going. That's nice to hear. Sid did the same for me."

As heard on radio, seen on TV, Sid's presence bigger than a newspaper

WCCO Radio's Chad Hartman interviews his dad Sid Hartman of the Star Tribune, at the State Fair in 2016.

Through the years the must-listen, three-hour "Sports Huddle with Sid and Dave" dominated its time slot with guests that included sports' biggest names and redefined how station managers program sleepy Sunday mornings.

Where the scoops happened: a look inside Sid Hartman's office

Sid's office reflected his work ethic: chaotic and insatiable with a blurred line between the professional and the personal.

'His career will never be topped': Close personal encounters with Sid

On airplane, at restaurants and at the stadiums, Star Tribune readers share their encounters with Sid Hartman, the 100-year-old columnist who died last weekend.

As Lakers general manager, Sid Hartman owned a championship touch

It was Sid Hartman who brokered the deal to buy the Detroit Gems and move the franchise to Minnesota, a Lakers team that won six league championships in seven years starting in 1947-48 — the first in the NBL, the final five in the NBA.

Sid Hartman's doggedness helped put Minnesota on the baseball map

Sid Hartman was part of a group led by John Cowles Jr., publisher of the Minneapolis Star and Morning Tribune, fighting for a Major League Baseball team.

Sid Hartman being Sid Hartman made for an irresistible photo subject

He was the "Miracle on Portland Avenue," the competitive columnist still cranking away at 99 and 100, and often the most fascinating co-worker imaginable.

Read Hartman's first job evaulation: 'Just let me dig up news'

What's the best line in Tribune sports editor Charlie Johnson's 1945 review of his young hustler? Take a look and decide.

Sid Hartman's first column: Salute to the Gophers' 'football ducat sale'

Sid's first newspaper column, "The Roundup," appeared in the Minneapolis Daily Times on Sept. 11, 1945.

To the very end, Sid Hartman's passion was U football

Even with a coronavirus pandemic confining him mostly to his home, Hartman arranged a ride to coach P.J. Fleck's house in mid-May, for a driveway interview.

Sid Hartman's family holds private ceremony

The life of Sid Hartman was celebrated by family Wednesday evening in a small, private ceremony near Stillwater. Hartman, the longtime media personality and Minnesota…

Reusse: Chad Hartman remembers his father as a Dad, a Grandpa – and also as 'Sid!'

Twin Cities talk-show host Chad Hartman saw his famous father in ways that other people could never experience. Telling stories during a late-night phone call with Patrick Reusse this week brought on memories and some laughs.

'Sidisms' made for big laughs, even if their creator didn't get the joke

They were known as "Sidisms." Malaprops and mispronunciations that became as much an indelible part of Sid Hartman's career as his scoops and "close personal friends."

Reusse: Resting was not an option for Sid; that's what made him great

Sid Hartman holds court in the Star Tribune sports department in April of 2014.

Rest in Peace for Sid Hartman? That's not a message of compassion for Sid. That's an insult. Sid lived by hurrying up and not waiting.

Up close or far away: Readers react to our Sid Hartman stories

Our readers shared hundreds of comments that appeared with Patrick Reusse's story about Hartman's life. Here's a sampling:

Meetings and memories: Star Tribune readers on Sid Hartman

Tributes to Sid Hartman have poured in from throughout sports: Coach, players, team executives and other have shared their memories. Here's where Star Tribune readers talk about Sid.

Passion and purpose: Tributes pour in honoring the late Sid Hartman

As news of Sid Hartman's death spread around the sports world and beyond on Sunday, tributes to the 100-year-old sports columnist flooded Twitter.

'I loved Sid.' Grant and Hartman were the unlikeliest of best friends

Sid Hartman was the first person Bud Grant met in 1946 when his grandparents dropped him off at the University of Minnesota as a highly touted recruit who would star in three sports for the Gophers.

6 a.m. phone call at the Saunders residence? Sid seeking a scoop

If it was Sunday morning in the Saunders household and the phone was ringing at 6 a.m., it was usually only one person doing the calling.

Souhan: Sid was a true original, and he was ours

Star Tribune sports columnist Sid Hartman welcomed Kevin Garnett back to the Twins Cities in 2015

In a profession that at least pretends to value objectivity and professional distance, Sid Hartman was a fan who owned valuable real estate in the region's biggest newspaper.

RandBall: I was proud to be called 'Mr. Computer' by Sid

RandBall: I was proud to be called 'Mr. Computer' by Sid

As most people age, it’s a reminder that they are getting closer to death. As Sid Hartman aged, it seemed to signal the possibility that he would, improbably, live forever.

Scoggins: What was Sid like? There's no simple way to answer

Sid Hartman at a Timberwolves game, March 2, 2015.

There is no adequate way to describe what it's like to work with Sid Hartman, but he was certainly a special colleague.

Sid Hartman's memories: Talking sports with Patrick Reusse

In a series of videos, fellow Star Tribune sports columnist Patrick Reusse sat down with Sid Hartman to talk about his memories of all things Minnesota sports.