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A turntable malfunction prevented audiences from seeing all of Kate Sutton-Johnson's spectacular set for "Noises Off." Here's the part they missed. /Dan Norman

In the program for the Guthrie Theater's production of "Noises Off," members of the company talk about some of the disasters they've encountered in their stage careers. As of Saturday, the evening after opening night, they have a new disaster to add to their lists.

The three acts of "Noises Off" take place during a rehearsal and two everything-goes-wrong performances of a farce called "Nothing's On." The first and third acts take place on the "Nothing's On" set but the second act takes place backstage. Kate Sutton-Johnson designed the set so that it swivels 180 degrees on three turntables to give theatergoers that backstage peek.

On Saturday, though, audience members didn't get to see the second act at all because a turntable malfunction meant the swivel never happened. Instead, actor Nathan Keepers (in the above photo, he's the one with a beard, holding a bottle of booze) came out and improvised a description of the second act, and the show proceeded from the first act to the third.

Afterwards, Guthrie staffers determined a faulty cable was the culprit, and Sunday's performances went off without a hitch. Theatergoers who attended the performance have received letters inviting them to return to see the entire show (which Star Tribune critic Rohan Preston says they definitely should do).