Shearing time at Triple T Alpaca

The alpacas at Triple T Alpaca are sheared once a year to help keep them cool in the summer months. The Foreston, Minn., farm was founded over four years ago and currently houses 32 alpacas with nine babies expected in the coming months.
The juvenile female alpacas are allowed to roam outside after being sheared at Triple T Alpaca in Foreston, Minn. Once sheared, certain fleece are judged for prizes while others are used to make blankets, clothes, rugs and other materials.   
Beth Turner lovingly embraces Amber before she is sheared.
Beth Turner weighs Deluxe while her son, Jameson waits with Dreamy.
Mikey is sheared by Dan Simon from Apulanda Alpacas.
Alpaca fleece falls into baskets as Dan Simon from Apulanda Alpacas shears them.
Beth Turner feeds Dreamy medication while Rain watches.
Beth Turner guides juvenile female alpacas back into their pen before shearing them.
Paula Simon from Apulanda Alpacas pulls back the fleece of an alpaca while her husband, Dan, shears it off.
Mikey’s fleece sits on a tilt table.
Beth Turner talks to Bella after she was sheared.
Beth Turner tries to calm down Optimus before he gets sheared.
Breeding age female alpacas roam around in their pen before being sheared.
Dan Simon from Apulanda Alpacas works on shearing the neck and face of Apollo.
Paula Simon from Apulanda Alpacas trims the top of Amber�s head.
Luckycharm and Deluxe stand in a beam of sunlight in their pen.