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'Secrets of Playboy'

Any nostalgic affection you have for the late Hugh Hefner may vanish by the time you get through this four-part series. While the Playboy founder gets some credit for his stance on civil rights, most of the 10 episodes set out to portray him as a manipulator, illusionist and hypocrite whose alleged kinks included inviting streetwalkers into the Mansion for "Pig Night." Testimonials from ex-employees and former Playmates, which include former "Girls Next Door" star Holly Madison, are devastating. 8 p.m. Monday, A&E

'Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock'

Jim Henson's most cuddly creatures return in a upbeat series in which several of the cavern-dwelling characters venture out into the real world. The overall theme is about facing fears, but the strongest lesson here is how much music can enliven a kiddie adventure. The Broadway-quality tunes, performed by everyone from Patti LaBelle to Foo Fighters, will have you bopping right along with these mighty Muppets. Apple TV Plus

'Full House'

MeTV was going to add this enduring sitcom to its schedule in February but the network moved up its plans after the untimely death of its star Bob Saget. The show remains a steady stream of second-tier dad jokes but the episodes convey an innocence that's missing from even the most family-friendly fare on network TV today. Plus, you get a chance to watch the Olsen twins grow up all over again. 1 p.m. Sundays, MeTV


Half of the fourth and final season of this critically acclaimed thriller is now streaming, which means we'll have a better idea of how the Byrde family deals with its rise in a drug kingpin's empire. Jason Bateman has become somewhat of a kingpin himself, successfully making the transition from Michael J. Fox stand-in to major Hollywood player. The series has earned him two Emmy nominations for acting and a win for directing. The final episodes will drop later this year. Netflix

'Promised Land'

The characters in this new soap want to control the best winery in California. ABC wants its show to be the next "Empire." That second dream is going to be harder than the first. While this series deserves credit for having a nearly all-Latino cast, it desperately needs an over-the-top villain, someone like "Empire's" Cookie Lyon or "Dynasty's" Alexis Colby. Without one, it'll die on the vine. 9 p.m. Monday, KSTP, Ch. 5